Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UBS Analyst In New York Resigned In Style

The resignation email

I'm leaving the bank now.

I'm not made to do this. If I put my mind to something as much as I do here to mindless text editing, copy and pasting, and getting yelled at for stuff other people can't/won't/don't do, I would be much better off.

It's 6:43 a.m. on a Sunday, and I have at least 14 more hours of work to do today that will not be fulfilling, useful, appreciated, recognized, or paid for.

Sorry this is last minute, but it's just not worth doing more

My blackberry is on my desk

Apparently that failed staffing request was fatal (no, not as in I'm going to kill myself, hehe, I'm just going to go enjoy life). There is no happiness here.

I took all my personal stuff. No one needs to contact me for anything (except for a drink for those of you with my personal number). I will only be at my New York address a few days longer.

Good luck y'all

The analyst was part of UBS's US global healthcare group, sent an email to his bosses at 7am last Sunday, informing them he was leaving the bank immediately to go do something less boring instead. The final straw appears to be the fact that it was Sunday morning and he had another 14 hours of work to do that day that would "not be fulfilling, useful, appreciated, recognized or paid for".

It looks like a 2-4 year old analyst having an early mid-life-crisis. Yes, these jobs are largely mind numbing, and you work for extended hours, but who will pay you 80,000 euros or US$150,000 a year when you are still in your mid twenties? Plus you are likely to get bonuses of 6-12 months of your pay depending on the markets. The ex-UBS analyst may have higher ideals and priorities in life, but at the same time is naive about investment banking. Just like many things in life, the reality sucks - e.g. you want to be a medical doctor, but after you studied like a dumb-bell for 5-6 years, you find yourself in the midst of all things gory and gross. But the reason you went into medicine was you wanted to save lives, nobody told you about the gory and gross stuff? That's too bad. Grow up!

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