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Basis Of Commentary

Readers of this blog after a while would have surmise the basis of my kind of commentary. As I have mentioned before, its a daily blog, hence I do not want to talk too much about absolutely good undiscovered fundamentals, which may take forever to be undiscovered. I am not trying to be Warren Buffett here. I blog to have fun and share / exchange information. For cynics who find it hard to believe why I would do this for free, please read my posting on The Equaliser (29 March 2007) to get a better understanding of my persuasions.
Free and public blogs do not get much respect, nobody would want to believe that good information is made readily available. Do I buy and sell shares? Yes. Do I buy before I post? Yes. Isn't that front running? Yes and no. I have to buy before I post, its believing in what you say. No, because the amount that I buy is not earth shattering. If I buy in millions, I would be posting this from my yacht off McMahons Point in Sydney, trust me!

Back to basis. As this is a daily blog, I blog about things happening around, things that perk me up, things that make me mad, ... On stocks, I would highlight them if I think its worth highlighting and timely. I will never be the first to highlight them unless I am the one running the company or the head syndicate manipulating the shares. I will not highlight stocks moving 12 months down the road, if I do, I will tell you. I am a fundamentals person at heart, but on a short term basis, technical play a big part, but I do not spend much time on TA. I have been in the screwed up financial markets long enough to predict better when stocks move. I am a big believer in identifying catalysts for stocks to move. No catalysts, you won't find me there. I don't hold stocks forever, I don't fall in love with stocks or have a relationship with it. I will not bitch if I did not sell near the highs or did not buy cheaper. Whats done is done, move on. I hate people who say "woulda, coulda, shoulda"... I shoulda hold onto Tebrau at 70 sen, blah, blah... you should have, but you didn't, so move on. Strong markets make it easier to be "right", not a super-hero. Firm believer in that people who did not "earn" gains properly will always find ways to lose it all back to the markets (look at where 99% of the owners / syndicates / players of the mid-90s Second Board excesses are now!!??). The markets do not OWE US A LIVING. It is not there to make you rich, it can make you very poor. If you missed a stock, don't fret, the market will always be there, we are the ones who might not. Cheers!

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bighuha said…
Hi Salvatore,

Could you please consider using other font type such as Tahoma, Arial or Verdana in your blog content. The current font type is not very legible. Thanks.
Pricechart said…
You're a honest bloke!

Not many around! i respect you and your comments!

Though i find it amazing to be free (the commentary), too good to be true, it's true anyway.

There is only now any way, there is only present moment anyway, live now, the past and the future do not exist! Ha!


One of D best blog so far, better than the "Fire over the mountain"!
易经!道德经! 哈!
i just want to ask about advance synergy capital. ASCAP.. what happened? are they found the buyer.
Prashan said…
Hi Salvatore,

Thank for your info and bless you for the write ups. Most are lucky to have info and no one is owed a living.

Salvatore_Dali said…

i just changed to this new template becos so many complained of my previous font size, now most say this is better, now you say not, sad to say, i cannot please everyone ... i think i have to use this font which is narrow and slim and does not look fat which can compress

asb, ascap, don't know
man said…
I'm stll having problem to subscribe to your ATOM. Some weird characters come up..
Salvatore_Dali said…
err, atom post is part of google, maybe u can lodge a complaint with blogspot ... or try using mozilla firefox instead of internet explorer
Eddie said…
Thank you very much for posting the "coulda, shoulda and woulda" comment. A beginner trader like myself tends to feel that way.

Think the blog is perfect as it is. Just be careful of the new law that is in place on blog issues and don't get yourself in trouble.
Salvatore_Dali said…

i know what u mean, been trying to highlight stocks rather than voice out as clear cut buys or explicit recommendations... as it is i think yus-baby would not like me very much but i speak facts, so ok la... but would not surprise if got people want to make life tough for me, thats why, have to blog as a dead artist
Pricechart said…

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