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Steve Irwin, what a guy, very unfortunate but lived his life full and well, died doing what he loves. I think if you ask him now if he would do everything the same knowing what would happen to him ... he would say "sure matey, no worries". Its the spirit of the guy that gets to you, whether you like him or not, its infectious. Cheers, mate!

Today's newspaper headlines in the business pages in Malaysia:

The Star: KLCI Rises To 6-Year High, Ringgit Strengthens Against US Dollar

NST: Local Stock Mart Hits 6-Year High

Only one paper did not have such exuberence, The Sun. Somehow, today's market did not mirror the exuberance of The Star and NST. Despite hitting a 6-year high, it does not mask the underlying structural weakness with Malaysian listed stocks (please read blog on what's wrong with Malaysian companies/Bursa).


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