Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Heeeerrrreeeee's ..... The Jeyeratnams!
Singapore's Second Royalty Family

Followers of Singapore politica would be familar with Joshua B Jeyeratnam, or JBJ, or better known as the dissenting voice of the island republic for umpteen years now. What a lot of people do not know is that he has managed to cultivate a stable of offsprings who are literally minting money, fame and power in their own right.

Son Ken Jeyeratnam is a hedge fund manager in London with strong networking contacts in Australasia, and has just launched a US$500 million hedge fund there. Formerly, Ken was a successful derivatives trader. Another son Philip leads an even more exciting life - an attorney, law professor and curiously a decent novelist as well. Philip is now running the project finance practice of a top tier Singapore law firm.

I guess JB Jeyeratnam would have been a very filthy rich hedge fund manager or investment banker if he was born in the 70s, instead .... his role for most part of his adult life has been as Singapore's socialist leaning opposition leader. What to do, .... 40 years ago, there were not many opportunities for those with math, linguistic and oratorial skills - so politics it is. Still, .... good to know that JBJ does not have to starve.

1 comment:

DanielXX said...

Haha indeed yes, although the man is bankrupt, he has much to fall back on. So he carries on saying pretty much what he wants.... anyway he's getting old...

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