Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup 2006 Update
Quarter Finals

Germany vs Argentina
At the start of the tournament, only 20% of Germans surveyed believed that their team can win the cup. I am certain the figure is up to 80 or 90 percent by now. The trouble is, Germans are playing well and may have peaked too soon. If its the spectacular to win the match, then Argentina has more flair and firepower. Neutral on this game, slightly favouring Argentina to win as this team is the least cynical of all Argies teams for the past 20 years. When you have the skill and ability, you need not resort to cynical play.

Italy vs Ukraine
I was a neutral on Italians before. The grave injustice in their match with Australia makes me wish I was a Buddhist, then karma should prevail and have the Italians playing well this match and then losing to a very dubious penalty to Ukraine. Italy can go home for all I care.

England vs Portugal
The team that coached itself. What is the value of having Ericksson? If he plays Rooney as a lone striker again, England should lose. If they play a 4-4-2 with Rooney and Crouch upfront, England will win. England needs Crouch to hold the ball up for flicks and allow others to run into spaces. Needs Joe Cole and Lennon at wings to run at defenders and draw Portugal's defence wide. Hargraves should not play. Same with Carrick. Although I was brought up following the Red Devils, England should lose thanks to Ericksson, unless he follows what I have written... lol... Its a match, more for England to lose, rather than Portugal to win.

Brazil vs France
The old foggies got lucky, nothing to write home about Vive La blues shyyytt... Go home and eat your innards and fine cheeses. You stink. I mean, you stunk, and you stink.

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