Sunday, July 29, 2018

Destination Guide - Ipoh by The Edge team

This weekend’s The Edge has a special destination guide to almost all n sundry in Ipoh. The lavish and ambitious 112 pager was read with much skepticism by yours truly. 

But as an out and out Ipoh person, the publication is the best I have seen as a travel guide. There are plenty of nuanced references n insights that only the locals would know. The art works were spectacular n nostalgic. Photos the same. 

Too important not to buy and keep.

This piece of artwork was so good in the details.

The watercolour depictions of Blue Mosque, HoYanHor bldg and Concubine Lane were exceptional.

Unfortunately, there was one mistake, a pretty big mistake ... they put Cowan Street ayam tauge shop under "kaiseehorfun". 

Once and for all, kshf is made using prawn head stock as soup, has prawn slices, chicken, horfun/meen and kauchoy. 

Ngachoykai has ngachoy and chicken with soy mix. You can have ngachoykai with any kind of noodles of rice even.

Below, a delectable snap of most of the popular Ipoh Chinese pastry snacks. Heartwarming and authetic.

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walla said...

It is embarrassing a business weekly has to assume the role of foodie promoter when at the least the Tourism Ministry should be the one doing so. Go across the causeway and it is state marketing from entry to exit.

Last one checked, Ipoh is the state capital of Perak which is one of the states of Malaysia. That its food offerings are still around from yonder days of Malaya must mean there is cultural heritage value.

Since we don't have much else to offer in the way of services, tourism and retail are bread-and-butter businesses for this country.

Either eat or read Malaysia Finance, dimwits!

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