Friday, June 01, 2018

Ideas For Harapan Fund

When I heard the formation of Harapan Fund, I thought it must be a joke. It would take a lot from Malaysians to even get to RM1bn, and we are talking of RM1,000bn here. After mulling for a while, I think its a splendid idea:

a) we need to stop any other fake funds from duping the public for the same cause

b) no matter how little each of us contribute, we need to feel we have the same vision and hope to "right" the government finances

c) if we say, my one contribution will not matter... thats the same as saying my one vote won't matter ... it is our every "one vote" that carried democracy and brought about a change in government in spite of outrageous gerrymandering and other obstacles stacked against us

d) we are reminded of the great outpouring of support by the South Koreans during their financial crisis... they netted over US$2bn... its not the sum, its the solidarity

There was a cunning snippet suggesting that each TanSri contribute RM10m, and each Datuk RM1m each.  I would go further and suggest that all official billionaires in Malaysia contribute RM100m.

We can make this a joyful task. Some F&B outlet has started already. Do a promotion... if you eat at XYZ, the outlet will contribute RM1 for each patron to the fund. Malindo has started a similar scheme for 3 months, RM1 for every passenger.

Marathons and half marathons should be sponsored for the Harapan Fund cause. When we have dinners/reunions/birthdays, do a special round of fund raising for Harapan Fund.

I am thinking of roping a few to shave our heads bald. If each person can get 100 sponsors RM10-100, its a fun way to raise funds.

Let's all try and make this a merry, muhibbah event.


walla said...

You have heart,intelligence and style. Good combination to blaze insight.

davors said...

i don't really agree with the Donation part as we are not really in an economy crisis..
newly elected government shouldn't take such short cut for reducing tax..

Instead of receiving such goodwill donation , as a considerate gov, they can startup a few AMANAH SAHAM alike for those who want to help, to invest and generate fund to reduce the debt of Malaysia. Alot people would be available to provide huge sum of capital for gov to proceed with good returns investment to gov, while the investor take a smaller returns as dividend...

anyway as long as it is legal, there is no absolute right or wrong...

just my 2 cents...

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