Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bobo - For Magical Nights

There is a new place in town and its possibly the best new place to be. Judging from the concept and the people behind it, I believe this will be around for  a very long time as their concept is hitting all the right spots.

Its situated along the now famous Jalan Bangkung @ Bangsar. Strangely but fittingly, Bobo occupies the 1st and 2nd floors only. The small entry door next to Lucky Bo reminds you of possibly of an old jazz club back in the swinging 30s in New York.

The first floor is the dining area with a beautiful couch area, and another partially more intimate dining area separated by sheer curtains. The ambience is inviting, modern yet clean lines in design. Love the many art pieces, cleverly chosen to exude a visually pleasing environment.  

The Food

Modern European, nothing too complicated but most were pretty good. My favourite by a proverbial mile is the divine polenta truffle fries, light crunch on the outside, soft and creamy in the middle with truffles aroma lingering all over.

The prices are decent as well.

The 2nd Floor - Performance Hall

OK, NO SMOKING!!! Even though I smoke cigars, I think its very important and more conducive in an intimate performance arena to be totally smoke free. The ladies love it, I like it.

To go to the second floor, you have open a very heavy sound-proofing door. You won't hear a bleep of the performances when you are dining.

It opens to a snazzy tiny bar where people can mingle prior to the show starting, and its basically to serve drinks to patrons inside the hall.

There will only be performers from Tuesdays to Sundays. Only Fridays and Saturdays will feature special performers which you will usually have to pay a RM40-60pp cover charge (well worth it).

As for other days, you could just head along there, grab a drink and listen to the quite brilliant resident pianist, David Gomes.

When you dine there on Fridays and Saturdays, you get the privilege of booking a "reserved table" for performances at discounted rates.

Knowing that they are catering to the 30-70 crowds and being in a suburb, the performances usually start at 9.30pm sharp and the second set will end way before midnight thus allowing all to get home earlier.

The Acoustics

Designed by a expert, the sound proofing and acoustics are fantastic. It creates warm notes and resonating tones. The open-thatched roof is a sight to behold.


The invited performances are curated by the ever popular, our own Broadway star, Malaysia's Buble ... Sean Ghazi - who will somehow jump onto the stage every now and then to surprise audiences.

Things To Improve

Double your wine selections, more good single malts and a more extensive "gastrobar" please.


Good food, great music or comedy, in a classy setting ... what a magical night out!!!

On the left is the balcony on first floor for smokers to take a break, its very very nice ... and when its raining outside, I can think of no better place to be than here smoking a cigar and getting a G&T, it really is quiet, just watching the world drifts by. On the right is the amazing polenta truffle fries.

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