Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Countries Stock market's Capitalisation As A % Of GDP

Someone twitted to us during our BFM show about the veracity of the figures of a country's stock market as a percentage of GDP. Why is the figure important ... if you can strip out foreign listings and non related listings (inclusive of SPACs) and maybe some REITs that are foreign or regional in nature, you get a good grasp of how much of your economy is listed. 

The higher the figure, the higher the importance of the stockmarket in feeling and shrinking economic activity. IN a super bull, Malaysian domestic economy would flourish as most people will see a lot of funds swishing around, the same when its a bear market when restaurants business dwindles sharply. The higher the figure, the more attention will the central banks and authorities pay to major fluctuations in share markets.

China, though has a lowly figure of GDP that is listed, is important this time owing to the exuberant amount in leverage/margin.

The latest figures were for 2012. There are still discrepancies because many markets have "outside interests" being listed as well on their markets. It could be REITs, foreign listings, etc...

Bahrain  52%
Belgium 60.2%
Bolivia 27%
Brazil 51%
Canada 110%
Chile 118%
China 43.7%
Colombia 71%
Denmark 69%
France 68%
Germany 42%
Greece 18%
HK 421%
India 69%
Indonesia 43%
Ireland 49%
South Korea 96%
Malaysia 156%
Mexico 44%
Holland 79%
Philippines 105%
Russia 43%
Singapore 143%
South Africa 154%
Spain 73%
Thailand 104%
UK 115%
USA 115%
Vietnam 21%


ninja turtle said...

What does these percentage tell to a lay man

ronnie said...

Who's the babe? She looks like Yingluck.

The last photo doesn't do her justice.

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