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The First Time ...

I am going away for a short trip and just left my dog with a reputable (high cost) pet hotel. It comes with different sized rooms, some with fans, some with aircon .... so I got the best they had at RM125 per night. Seems like more expensive than Tune hotels but they wouldn't take my dog I think. It seems expensive but its guilt-fees I think. 

Though I have traveled before and left my dog behind before, ... before it was always with my mum back in Ipoh or the numerous times when I had a maid in the house (who loved Dali anyway). Now my maid has ran away a few months back and mum is tagging along in the trip ... no choice. First time at a pet hotel.

I guess its the same kind of feelings when you leave your kids at kindergarten for the first time ... or even leaving your kids for the first time to travel. No matter how well you plan it, the guilt is enormous.

I can still see it in her eyes when I ushered her into the 'new room' ... its the "don't leave me here look", "are you leaving me for good look" ... I had to rush out of the place. She doesn't know its temporary, she doesn't even know that there will be walks with other dogs and play time with them as well.

You question what kind of "parent" you are. You also know deep down its the fair thing to do, your life cannot be 24-7 always with the dog, even though she is a member of your family. You think of the numerous "vicious sad thoughts" that she may be thinking of her friend. Sigh...


Andrew said…
It's the first time syndrome. Same with kids. BUt you know what? When you come back and pick Dali up, guess who would be the happiest dog?

Enjoy your trip.
Loo said…
Nice dog with the emo look! But not to worry. I am sure they will take good care of her. Enjoy your holiday.
next time you can leave him with me for free. love bulldogs.
henry tan said…
wow i can understand that feeling! sigh right! anyway enjoy your trip! =D

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