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Liquor Guzzling Countries

If we were all guessing, we'd think the Russians and the Polish would top the drinking table. Read till the end and be surprised. 

Whether it’s whiskey, vodka, or soju, people around the world love their liquor. And some countries love liquor more than others.
Global marketing research firm Euromonitor International shared their analysis of the market for hard liquor in 53 countries around the world. This map shows the amount of liquor sold in each country during 2013 per capita, per week:
world liquor map shots per week
Business Insider, data from Euromonitor
South Korea handily dominates the list of countries, drinking more than twice as much liquor per capita as any other country. Three predominantly Muslim countries — Egypt, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia — reported zero liquor sales in 2013.
We converted the Euromonitor data from mL to shots, using a standard U.S. 1.5 oz (44 mL) shot glass.
Here are the ten countries in Euromonitor’s database who consume the most liquor:
  1. South Korea — 11.2 shots/week
  2. Russia — 5.0 shots/week
  3. Thailand — 4.8 shots/week
  4. Poland — 4.0 shots/week
  5. Japan — 3.6 shots/week
  6. Philippines — 3.5 shots/week
  7. Bulgaria — 3.3 shots/week
  8. Slovakia — 3.0 shots/week
  9. Ukraine — 2.8 shots/week
  10. France — 2.7 shots/week

Who knew that our neighbours in Thailand drank so much, and the Koreans OMG. But the question everyone should be pondering:

Are they drinking to celebrate life, or drinking to drown their sorrows or numb their desperate lives. Many drunks, but each with their own reason. What's yours?


bruno said…
Honesty,I think that I would have to quit drinking.That is if I can still be considered a drinker in the first place.Now it is only a few beers per week.Before,I was like a thirsty horse.And I also quit smoking about a dozen years ago,after twenty over years of smoking.Maybe trying to enjoy my hard earn money a little bit longer.Hehe.
bruno said…
The tell tale signs of a soon to be if not already a market in a distribution phrase.

In the US stock markets,mutual funds are not allow to short stocks.They can only be buyers and sellers only to stock up their warchest for redemptions or cash reserves.

Only hedge funds and commodity funds and the public(specs) are allow to short individual stocks or the indexes.There are now some funds specially set up for playing the short sides.

When tracking specs versus commercials whether in the commodity,fx or stock markets I used the CFTC traders commitements report.

During 3,5 or even 7 years high or lows,or near all time highs or lows,one has to be very careful near these time frames.Especially when specs vs commercials have taken the opposing sides.

This time is the stock market regaining its footing and gaining near its all time's high,and soon to overtake it as euphoria and complacency grows.

With the specs short in the future's indexes for the last 9 months,short covering and going net long in the recent retracement and recent rally,especially during near all time highs.

Like in commodity markets the distribution phrase can sometimes take months before they tanked.Commercials have all the commodities to sell and they are in no hurry to dump it all at one go.It is to their beat interest to sell at the best prices.And they have all the time in the world to sell.

Just like stocks the commercial have all the time to sell.Now that the specs have started to go long the commercials will have all the time to sell.And they will want to sell at the best prices too.

Just because commercials have started to go net short,the markets do not have to tank tomorrow,next week or next month.They will tank when the last buyer has bought.It is just a tell tale sign for traders or investors to watch out for the soon to be wider net longs specs against the commercials.

This time when 'Fat Mama' sings stuborn longs will be crying out for their mamas.That is when even the non liquor guzzling countries will become guzzling ones.
hkloon said…
Hi Bruno, What is commercials? thx..
hkloon said…
Hi Bruno, may I ask what is commercials? thx
bruno said…
Hkloon,in commodities producers and end users are the commercials.

In stocks it is mainly insiders and companies.In futures they are listed under commercials.Unlike in Malaysia,the towkays accumulate their own shares and sell it to the players at a discount to push up their counters.

In the fx,it is mostly multi national companies and banks.
bruno said…
Our short Loonie trade has gone underwater by 35 pips.I have just added one more position of Usd/Cad at 1.0912.This correction should end somewhere here with strong support at 1.0880.Hopefully then our horse will keep running and forget to stop till 1.16 or higher.
bruno said…
Well,one thing I would like to say.The markets sure has a way for rewarding the brave,patient and discliplined traders.

After our second full position is filled that is a couple of pips above today's lows,two hours later it has jumped above 1.0990.Go figure.
bruno said…
Our average is 1.0930.We are up 100 pips now.Stops moved to.1.0950to lock in 20 pips.
bruno said…
I have just taken one full position for 140 pips.
bruno said…
On Wednesday,the Usd was sold against the Loonie in Asian and European trading.For no obvious reason it started to rally slowly and began hitting clusters of stops and gaining 180 pips along the way.It has now hit a brick wall and we are still up about 150 pips with our one remaining position.Stops move up to lock in 100 pips.
bruno said…
Although the Usd/Cad is still on track on a bullmarket,I am a bit skeptical about yesterday's huge move.It is very hard to gauge whether it was genuine buying or massive short covering.Although it is still up 30 pips today,it looks like it has run out of gas.So I put on my running shoes and took whatever the market gave to me,that is 170 pips and is now on the way to the bank.The horse can keep on running,and who cares anyway.310 pips in two days,I will take it anytime.

Friday,I will take it easy and sit on my hands,maybe go to the mall for some window shopping.Have a nice weekend boys and gals.
hkloon said…
310 pips. Don't know about forex. How much can 1 make for 1 pip? and that 310 pips is equivalent to ? dollar? many thx
bruno said…
This morning I am stuck at home as it is raining outside.So instead of taking the day off,I was watching the action.

And it has got me interested in the USD/CHF.The public is very net long the Usd/Chf,but the technical indicators are pointing to a bottom forming,so I went bottom fishing and went long the Usd/Chf at.8875.This is the time to go batting with the crowd.Have a nice weekend,folks.
bruno said…
Hkloon,a mini lot of 10k is 1 dollar per pip.

A standard lot of 100k is 10 per pip.
bruno said…
This just ended trading week has the greenback struggling the last few days especially against the Europeans.

Our long Usd/Chf trade is at breakeven.But next week should be a better week for the greenback.The Usd/Chf hit a 2 yr low at .8798 on 12/26/13.Then it rallied 350 pips and has since given back 270 pips in the last 5 wks.

The recent pullback is in 3 waves and as long as it is in 3 waves,I will treat it as a correction.If this is indeed an a,b,c then it should be wave (2) and wave (3) of 5 should soon be on the way.Stops will be at .8797 one pip below the 12/26 lows.On an Elliot wave count wave 2 should not exceed wave 1.So a drop below .8798 and the greenback will be on the way to the cleaners.

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