Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good & Bad Habits

OK, this is an OK visual presentation by a Kathryn Davis, who works on Phd programs recruitment. Most of the stuff are closer to the truth. But there is one glaring bad use of statistics and data. Can you spot it ... my answer at the bottom. 

The Habits of the World's Smartest People (Infographic)

Have you spotted it? Here is a compilation on things which supposedly differentiate great entrepreneurs, great thinkers, great performers, great inventors ... Now, first of all, she assumes that SEX has something to do with it all, or that early loss of virginity has anything to correlate to intelligence, drive, analytical skills, etc...

She puts that category as "Self Discipline", there is a FUCKING BIG DIFFERENCE between not wanting to lose your virginity till its an appropriate person/time AND cannot even give away your virginity for free even if you wanted to = both have the same result.

So, the undergrads at Princeton, MIT and Harvard have a higher ratio of virgins. That may have very little to do with "self-discipline". They may be already very nerdy, LACK SOCIAL SKILLS (watch The Big Bang Theory), ... may have committed a lot of money by their folks/companies/study loans, so no fuck ups, so no time for anything else but books.

Plus, staying a virgin may have a lot more to do with a person's religiosity/beliefs rather than self-discipline. Its like trying to figure out how many Jewish undergrads eat pork, and link that to brilliance.

So, be careful with statistics and data, you can use it so wrongly or rightly to support your point of views.


Calvin said...

Hahaha, I completely agree. In fact, there are correlations that those who have more partners are smarter and better in communication skills. It definitely needs skill for a man to convince a girl to go out with him and to have SEX. Moral issue aside, dont think stupid guy will have much luck with sex. Girls though, it may be different.

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Newbie here, like your scenic site as for the `spot the difference' has to read it when mind NOt weng!
Just went throught dinner with a plate of Budu..
That's Kelantan and East coast pong of delicacy better than calok or belacan.
Have not read your post for sometime via Dato Sak, still firing at the hippo of NaiBoros wife the Malay way!
Turn the asal usul kadok and toman origin!
Thank for the short visit.

Kris said...

the virginity part is just to make it interesting.

bruno said...

Good habits is having strict discipline and following the trend.Bad habits is not having strict dislipline and always fighting the trend.

But what are we to do if we are counter trend traders.The best thing to do is throw away the computer and tv and come back when the trend has turned.But how the heck will I know or can anyone tell me when the trend has turned or changed.That is before the fact.I am still searching for that very particular fortune telling thing that the Gyspy's called the crystal ball.

I already did my homework,that is my calculations of how much I am going to lose if all my existing trades get stopped out.Eighty five percent of my this year's hard earned money or profits.Still not bad for a guy who is always trading against the trend.

I am now sitting on my hands and keeping them crossed.Will update again on Dec 31st.

Have a 'Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year' to all you boys and gals.Cheers.

clk said...

Correlation is NOT causation

bruno said...

I am out of short Euro at 1.3635 and Usd/Sf at .8991 both at breakevens.The trading gods must be watching out for us.

Point Consulting said...

a whole load of post hoc ergo propter hoc bullsh*t!

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