What It Means To Be A Leader & Servant of The People

Can everyone agree that politicians are servants for the people, elected by the people ... can all parties agree on that point? OK, let's move on ... so if there is a WAVE, be it Chinese, rural, Indian, Iban, retards, gays, mixed parentage, single mums ... any kind of WAVE la ... that voted against your PARTY ... 


If your party/leader/members were really servants for the people .... the first thing that should come to your mind is ..  WHERE DID WE GO WRONG!!! ... and not point fingers at your citizens!!!

When you accuse, it shows where your heart, motivations and intentions are ...

Why don't you be a servant of the people as all politicians should be, and ask the party themselves "DI MANA KAH KITA DAH MENGECEWAKAN RAKYAT ... menjadikan keadaan begini .... kenapa ada sekelompok rakyat yang berfikir demikian"

(Where did we go wrong, where did we fail our people that caused this group of people to vote against us)


walla said…
They think and behave otherwise because their only unchanged stand is that the Chinese and others are to viewed only as pendatang's allowed by them to stay and make a living here.

This stand they maintain as politically useful to safeguard their own positions by leveraging support from those of the Malay electorate still fed on the fear of loss of an artificially created status.

However that status can no longer be sustained today in an economy that needs all to cooperate free from the race-based politics that has ruined national governance, social principles and international competitiveness.

Which also explains why the silver state has been stolen again - a second time - by the simple expedient of swiping the final tally sheets, signed for unsigned.

The post-election dynamic before us today will equilibrate down in the next few weeks to a single question:

do we want this nation to be run based on good, honest and fair principles or by the hypocrisy of pretense ruinous on both economy and society?

This post, for Salvatore Dali.

clearwater said…
Najib of the elitist upbringing can never be a servant of the people. He is an Umno overlord who must forever look over his shoulders and guard his back against other aspiring Umno warlords. His backbone was never stiffened by overcoming life's adversities unlike Anwar. He is a pampered Umno product who will now lord over us using the results of a tainted election where his party lost the popular vote.
elizabeth said…
This is another UMNO strategy.. since time immemorial the chinese is UMNO's scapegoat. By naming the reason as chinese tsunami, UMNO hope that the rural malays who have voted for them will be hoodwinked into thinking that this election is about the chinese against the malays. umno does not want the rural malays to know that, even malays are rejecting umno.
William Wang said…
I am disappointed, in fact the main factor behind this tsunami is corruption, nothing racial. I am glad at least majority of recent voters are against it. By pointing in other directions, they just do not want to give up corruption. I had made my own survey, albleit in small number, 10/10 give corruption as the main reason.
Hochimama said…
BN Before CNY : Gong Xi Fa Chai
BN After CNY : Apa Cina Mau ? China Tsunami ?

BN can never ever take back silver state in this lifetime if it's not those polling centre you setup in rural areas.

Shame on Najib who as a PM make such racist remarks on Chinese ..