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Important Trends & Facts For The Mobile Internet Age

We did not make it to the Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers presentation, but here are the important slides.

This is surprising, Apple products have different penetration rates and sustainability in demand. I guess iPad takes the cake because it is not a replacement device as most people have mobile phones already whereas iPads buyers are usually fresh purchases.

Android, key if you are a developer.

What the kids want, they will get ... important trends in figuring out what they want, and why these are cool products for them to own.

If I was in advertising, I'd have change the entire platform and the way advertising should be strategised for companies. Take on new resources that would sharpen your formulation of ideas to display and dissemination via various devices.

Say bye-bye to Windows ... RIP it was not fun while you dominated the market and screwed us royally for decades owing to your monopolistic positioning.

THIS IS THE KEY TO THE NEXT FEW YEARS .... helping people to be asset light.


May I ask where is the place with the waterfalls? Very impressive picture...
Hi Salvadore,
May I ask where the picture of the waterfall was taken? Looks like a beautiful place ....
Salvatore_Dali said…
its the iguazu falls in brazil
bruno said…
The ugly duckling which many investors called the fucked up Facebook,is no longer fucked up anymore as far as I am concerned.As I have thrown away the keys,with the shares in cold storage and never bothered with them.I am more interested in trading than with the boring stocks.

Facebook is the first stock of any company I have owned in the last 15yrs.I was basically dabbling in the futures and cash market FX.I only bought Facebook because of the brohaha that it was falling like a rock,and will be a ten dollars stock.At least that was what the experts were screaming.

I was starting to sweat when it dropped another 5 bucks below my entry price of around 28.I went in and averaged and initially bought my average to less than 25.It went down to under 18.That was when I decided to wait for triple digits before I decided to throw away the keys.

Monday I tuned in the business channel and heard that this ugly duckling called Faceboow was being grand-fathered into the Nasdag 100.The reason one stock,forget its name was being promoted into the S&P 500.Today I checked it is over 27.I am a couple of dollars in the black.This Facebook is fucked only to those greedy ones who bought at the IPO and a few hours into the first day of trading.

Sometimes it pays to be brave and stupid,not knowing a thing about this stupid stock.But I was punting with foreign capital,so I couldn't care less.And commonsense tells us that this company will not go belly up.It is flushed with cash after the IPO.The fund managers will hunt and kill that kid who founded the company,if he did not turn around the co.

So basically,I was buying into the panicking herd of lembus.So what was a contrarian trader supposed to do,except going against the crowd.
bruno said…
The Euro is starting to be a pain in the behind.This morning in Europe it started divorce proceedings against the Swissie.From a peg of 1.20 set by the SNB,and always hovering in the 1.2030-1.2050 range,it suddenly started going its own way since Monday.This morning the spread was 165 pics,trading at 1.2165.Now it is at 1.2115,a 115 spread.

It got to almost 20 pics of our stops,and now it is 50 pics away.The Swissie was never a threat.The most it got was 115 pics away.We were up on the Swissie this morning in the NA trading and has since fallen back.

I am beginning to expect the worst of these trades.Dow is u-turned and up 130 pts since Obama came out and started babbling about the fiscal cliffs.Since the majors cannot sustained and follow through their rally,and the greenback keeps hanging tough,we will finally be able to call the winner by Friday,after NFP,latest.
ninja turtle said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
bruno said…
Just when I thought that things couldn't get better and had expected the worse,the crazy Euro made a u-turn and went our way.

I closed half positions each with plus 5 pics and 30 pics in Euro and Swissie ahead of NFP tomorrow.Better to be safe and keep some money for holiday shopping,as we are fully loaded and over leveraged in case things do not go well after the volatile NFP.
bruno said…
We have been very lucky and it is time to call it a year.

The Euro was on a steady decline in Asian trading throughout this morning.

NFP's are out.Euro plus 90 pics and Swissie 85 pics.So we are off for the rest of the year.
bruno said…
Some thoughts for the road.

First why I exited the profitable trade as it was going our way,and big time too.First from Wed's high to post NFP lows,the Euro was down 250 pics,in less than 48 hrs.After such a big swing there has to be a retracement.Not willing to give up our profits,or play the retracement or bounce,I called it a day.

Two hours later the Euro retraced 80 pics from the bottom,was all over the map before settling 50 pics from the lows.

Call it good judgement or plain commonsense,there was no point to be brave or greedy anymore.But many traders would have hang on for that extra 50 pics or so,only to be stopped out less 50 pics or more,with the reversal if they had trailing stops.

Soybeans have a good correction of almost a dollar,30 cents short of my sell order of 15.20(36.8 fib)I have already cancelled the order as we are off for the holidays.

The correction of soybeans have no bounce on CPO,as lead month is still hanging just over 2,100.Expect a bounce on CPO for at least a 100-200.If there is still no bounce in CPO in the next week or so,it is dead wood and expect a washout to clean out the longs.That will mean that CPO will bottom before the soybeans hit the rock.

On TH Heavy,the stock has to take off soon.My read on this stock is if the banker is still around,he would have accumulate enough for the next push.Early last week,there was some action,and volume has dried up since.Next year will not be good for stocks anymore.So if the stock is still in play the banker has to unload soon.Or else he will be stuck and have to follow the easy way.The way of the Pigg's nations.
bruno said…
The much despised Facebook will accept the official permanent residency in the Nasdag 100 index this coming Wednesday.

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