Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colour Me Blue

There is black and white
but we know no one can be completely unblemished or the other extreme
Knowingly or unknowingly, we take on shades of grey
Some start from white while some tries to lighten from the dark side

Politics and business, you cannot have one without the other
We all can be different shades of grey
but there is a difference when you knowingly keep adding black to the mix
We all can be shades of grey
but there is a difference when we keep trying to move towards white

The really sad part about my country is when grey is the colour of choice
and I see no outcry when there is injustice and unfairness
Grey silences us all
Grey locks up our integrity and do not allow our true values to come to the fore
Grey shuns difficult paths
and takes the safest and easiest path to myob

When your grey keeps taking on black
you start to forget about the sanctity of white
The balance of powers reside too close to the power magnet of black
Is this how a society loses its soul

Colour me blue


ChampDog said...

Nice one! Colour me purple for me. :)

walla said...

Brown with a bit more white will become yellow, color of the sun, source of energy of the milky way, and light that banishes darkness.

Red is best. Positivity and prosperity.

Mohammed said...

Talking poetically in riddles, Dali? Okay, do you think there will be tail risk to the stock market if hudud laws are implemented in one or more Pakatan states?

Salvatore_Dali said...

actually, hudud laws are for muslims only, even if they were implemented, i do not see much effect ...

the media is brewing the issue to be the main decisive point, which is not the case for those who never going to vote for BN

mkts will shrug them off

Mohammed said...

Yeah. If only the likes of Karpal Singh don't feel uneasy and see it as a non-issue.

Andrew said...

Color me red.

Pissed off with how everything is conducted and the government is treating the non-issues with utmost urgency and seriousness while the real issues are push aside and swept under the carpet, hoping it with remedy itself.

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