Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Biggest Players In Asia Private Equity

The Asia-Pacific region is now a globally significant region for private equity, and 22% of funds seeking capital from investors have a primary focus on the region, says Stuart Taylor, Asian research manager at fund research firm Preqin.
The company has published a report delineating the biggest players and top performers in the region. Below is an extract of some of the most interesting league tables.
Top 10 Asia-Pacific funds by final close size 
1. Lone Star Fund V (2005)$5 bn
2. TRG Asia V (2008)$4.25 bn
3. Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund V International (2006)       $4.2 bn
4. CVC Capital Partners Asia Pacific III (2008)$4.12 bn
5. Lone Star Fund IV (2001) $4.1 bn
6. Colony Investors VIII (2007)$4.0 bn
7. KKR Asia Fund (2007)$4.0 bn
8. MGPA Asia Fund III (2008)$3.89 bn
9. Pacific Equity Partners Fund IV (2008)    A$4 bn
10. Avenue Asia Special Situations Fund IV (2006)$3 bn

Top 10 Asia-Pacific funds closed since 2010,
final close size
1. Carlyle Asia Partners III            $2.55 bn
2. Baring Asia Private Equity Fund V   $2.46 bn
3. Shanghai Financial Sector Investment Fund I                 Rmb11bn
4. Yumfeng Fund                                                                       Rmb10 bn
5. Hony Capital RMB Fund III                                                    Rmb10 bn
6. Champ Buyout III                        A$1.48 bn
7. CDH China Fund IV             $1.45 bn
8. Citic Mianyang Private Equity FundRmb9 bn
9. SAIF Partners IV                      $1.25 bn
10. Navis Asia Fund VI                  $1.2 bn

Preqin estimates in its report that there are 371 Asia-Pacific funds currently on the road, seeking to raise $119 billion from investors. The largest one in the market exclusively focused on Asia is PAG I fund, a China-themed buyout fund looking for $2.5 billion in total.

Also on the hunt for capital are Hony Capital Fund V, which is targeting between $1.4 billion and $2 billion, and GuochangKaiyuan fund of funds, which is looking for Rmb10 billion.

Largest Asia-Pacific GPs by total funds raised 
in the last 10 years
1. Pacific Equity Partners                                $5 bn
2. Baring Private Equity Asia                              $4.7 bn
3. CDH China Management Company          $4.7 bn
4. Hony Capital$4.4 bn
5. SAIF Partners$3.8 bn
6. Affinity Equity Partners$3.5 bn
7. IDG Capital partners$3.3 bn
8. Jafco (Japan)$3.2 bn
9. MBK Partners$3.2 bn
10. China Bright Stone Investment Management Group$2.9 bn

Top 10 Asia-Pacific Funds by net IRRNet IRR
1. Amwin Innovation Fund (by Champ Ventures) (1998)     1025%
2. Development Partners Fund (2005)105.5%
3. Vietnam Equity Fund (2005)  104.9%
4. Headland Asian Ventures Fund 3 (2008)94.7%
5. BankInvest Private Equity New Markets (2008)71.1%
6. Baring Asia Private Equity Fund III (2005)66.2%
7. USIT I (by Jafco)  (1994)63.8%
8. USIT II (by Jafco)  (1997)63.7%
9. Ant Bridge 1 (2003)59.2%
10. Pacific Equity Partners Supplementary Fund 1 (2004)59%

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