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Launch Day For The Solianos' Pusaka - A Biased Review

Today is important to The Solianos and Leslie Loh, we are all so excited to want all Malaysians to listen to the album. Its not about making money or anything superficial, its because we think we have more than just an album. Its an immediate must-have, a classic ... I can say that confidently.

I am not in the music industry even though I have a role as Executive Producer - its a long story but I am so glad to be involved in some minor way for the creation of the album. The launch has been greeted by willing participants once we told them what we were doing. The launch will be emceed by Mahadzhir Lokman. The guest list is nothing short of stunning. We are expecting a strong crowd of close to 300 people, some of whom include Pak Lah (who will officially launch the album) and his wife Jeanne, Ahmad Merican (the composer of Tanah Pusaka), Yong Ming San (The Star's chairman) and many CEOs from various big corporations and many many friends and relatives of the soliano.

My very biased review: quality of recording, excellent audiophile quality, the sound is so clear, the bass, the voices, you just want to play it louder and louder. Mahadzhir Lokaman's intros to four of the songs were apt and tells a wonderful background to the significance of it all.

Mulanya Di Sini - Breathing beautiful harmonies into the classic and chosen as well to signify the start of their new journey as recording artistes. The horns kept pumping and charging the song along with gusto, bringing a Latin feel to the number.
Tudung Periuk - Who dares to record Tudung Periuk? Every Malaysian knows how to hum the song. Hearing The Solianos play this live was what started this all off. You never knew that this song could sound soooo good. 7 parts harmonies people, I think this song took the longest to record, makes your hair stand as they say.
Kasih Sayang - A wonderful jazzy composition by the late Alfonso Soliano. Beautifully sung by isabella and Irene.
Tanah Pusaka - Those of us in their 30s-50s would remember this "national patriotic song" but you won't believe the jazzed up version. Its full of joy, even a bit of doo-wap and bebop. Its melodic and the tempo hooks you up instantly.
Gadis Idamanku - Most Malaysians loved this song, possibly the most popular song composed by Alfonso. Loved this version, delivered with the assuredness of knowing thats how Alfonso would have wanted it sung and harmonised. Highlight number one. Many would just buy the album for this one song.
Getaran Jiwa - To be honest I twitched when they wanted to do this song, as many have done this to death. But I was wrong, this was punched full with wafting melodic harmonies left right and center, and Tricia's solo was like warm honey melting on butter.
Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama - This will take people off guard. The more you listen to it, the more hooked you get. Its country blues, haunting, melodic and sooo intoxicating.
Widuri - Again, another song that I thought they should not do. Well, Ador arranged it in an almost big band attacking the melody lines, which brought new fervour to this tune. Plenty of room for their harmonies to shine here. Pretty good.
Airmata Berderai - Surprisingly, this IS MY FAVOURITE TRACK. What a heart tilting composition by Alfonso. Just the piano carressing the song and Isabella singing holding back tears all the while. I dare anyone not to have tears in their eyes when they listen to this timeless melody, heart wrenching lyrics, made for anyone who have lost someone dear to their lives. Reflective, personal and oh so mesmerising.

There, how more biased a review can you get. If you wish to get an early copy of the CD come today between 6pm-7pm, Bentley Studios, The Curve or else wait till April 11th when they hit the stores. Or you can come to the Glorious Years concert on April 9th to get The Solianos CD which I am sure will be sold then as well.


eddy said…
Bro, I will buy this album when it hit the stores.

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