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Making The Perfect Cuppa

Nothing like making a perfect cuppa in the morning. I think I will call it the tiramicinno ; )

Recipe: 1/4 cup Farm House milk, one teaspoon brown sugar, froth till twice the size, pull two espresso shots with a time lag of ten seconds in between ... walla ...


walla said…
Someone called my name?

Pour one stick of alitea (4-in-1) or alicafe (5-in-1) into mug. Add one teaspoon of full-cream condensed milk. Separately boil half a mug of water. Add a dash of HL milk. When it starts to boil, watch the froth rise to the rim. Switch off gas/power, then pour into tea/coffee powder and stir (not shake) vigorously. Simmer for ten seconds. Switch on fan. Think about malaysia-finance's latest blog (not the contents, just the pics). Light a mentholated salem (not lite), suck, flick the ash. Drink the beverage.

For best effects, the mug must be fine bone china.
bright said…
Just get a Nespresso machine. Make good quality coffee everytime in no time
walla said…
Same with Lipton HK Style but one and one quarter sticks of the powder, same for rest.
solomon said…
I thought this photo shot should be at the kitchen or verandah?why at bath room??
Salvatore_Dali said…

i did make the thing with my nespresso machine
bright said…
Dali, good choice. Let me whip up your recipe but double shot of espresso on nespresso is for hardcores.

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