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Best Beef Noodles In Town?

Some of my friends commented that when the market is no-good, I will blog about food or music. Not true, not true. I have been mentioning this in some chatbox before, this is too good to keep it a secret. Shin Kee beef noodles have been around but I only manage to get to it recently. Its addictive, now I'm there on a weekly basis. Its really just a bloody tiny shop on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. Yellow on the outside. The owner consider herself as a beef noodle specialist - and how arrogantly right she is. You know the food is good when they only open from 10.30am to 3.30pm, closed on Wednesdays. They are also open at night at the back of Hong Leong Bank Berhad along Petaling Street's night market.

If you were to compare with the famous beef noodle store at Tengkat Tong Shin, Shin Kee is superior in every way, seriously. The minced beef and the sauce is finer, the essence of beef is better. Go for the lowshuefun (they sell out quickly) or the yellow mee, I prefer the latter. Go for the dry version, the beef balls and tripe/meat will come in a soup bowl separately. The soup's very good as well, and the beef balls just as it should be, flavourful. Did I mentioned that the chilli/garlic sauce is to die for as well!

Park your cars at Central Market car park and walk across, its directly opposite the popular Lai Foong coffee shop. You can make it a nice outing by visiting Central Market after, when was the last time you were in Central Market. After refurbishment, its a nice clean tourist trap but still very charming.


Anonymous said…
there's a beef noodle better than ngau kee ? can't be !!!! i must try this one !!!

Avatar said…

What time to they start open at Petaling Street?

Hah, I've passed by that place so many times. Can't believe I didn't check out the Beef Noodles.

Anonymous said…
If I am not wrong, all the "minced beef" in our local beef noodle is actually minced pork or "yuk suay"!
MP said…
this one you mean the one across the big road from that Stylo barber shop ... on the same row as Jukebox?

yeah must try, i've been eating ngau sook & ngau sou's noodles my whole life. add pinch of pepper and a dash of chili sauce to the soup & drink it hot ....yummmmm
bayi said…
Shin Kee gets my vote any time. Ngau Kee is for the times I can't get to eat at Shin Kee but still crave for beef noodles. :)
Anonymous said…
Lai Foong one also not bad - soup based. For me personally, Seremban market up stair one of the store is the best.
Anonymous said…
if it's better than ngau kee then i must try. however, i still prefer the beef noodles in hong kong. can't seem find them here. anyone?
Big Bad Wolf said…
You should try the following:-
1) Seremban's Beef Noodle.
Can be found in Pasar Seremban, Kemayan Square, or at the town centre (opposite The Store)
2) Beef noodle in Kepong.
Situated at shop lot, next to Taman Ehsan's police station.

Money back guarantee, if its not nice!! :D
KoSong Cafe said…
I would agree with S Dali and Bayi that Shin Kee is better than Ngau Kee. Actually chanced upon SK one day when I walked from Pudu Raya to catch LRT at Pasar Seni.

Perhaps, next time when I am there, I should call out S Dali and see who responds to the name.
Raymond said…
Why nobody mentioned Song Kee along Jalan Hang Likir (Behind Bank of Tokyo)? I find their minced beef that goes with Wan Tan Mee is better than Shin Kee and Ngau Kee. And their chilie sauce with lime juice is a perfect match for the springy beef ball.

Open until midnight, great place for supper.
Anonymous said…
Jeez...all this talk is making me want to fly back to M'sia straight away for a non-stop eating binge. Shin Kee never heard of before, but Ngau Kee yes. Agree with Anon 10:35pm that you can't really get the Hong Kong soup base 'Ngau Lam Hor'. But I do not miss all the 'Kon Lau' noodles in M'sia. Will definetly try out SK when I'm back next time. Thanks Dali.
TiMSTER said…
Ngau Kee is seriously over rated and has gone down in standard. I totally agree that the mentioned store is the best i have yet to try. For those who want an alternative for night eating which is better than Ngau Kee, try Jalan Peel, a row of food stalls along the main road before the traffic lights in where Shell, some Queen something mall is and an apartment with Carrefour is located. Coconut water and sugar cane also available to quench your thirst ;) Cheers!
Tony said…
Five star restaurant should offer wahyu beef ball noodles. maybe that will be the best.
Lukas said…
Talking about beef noodles, many KLites will tell you the best is found in JB near the old and now demolished Cathay cinema.
Lukas said…
I know for a fact many KLites swear that JB beef noodles (near now demolished Cathay cinema) to be the best. Period.
bayi said…
How about the Taiwan beef noodles at Ampang Point?
rising said…
If the current standard of Ngau Kee can whet ur appetite or the matter of facts even branded him as d best, then obviously its cow-chewing-Mau-Tan stuff. Current standard is only 60~70% of wat it used to be. And Shin Kee is perhaps 80% before they moved from Gau Yut..

I second u Raymond, Soong Kee is the best below $10/pax's B.Noodle currently there is within KL...Bit more Aji, but still d better option...

In my opinion, Ngau Kee < Shin Kee < Soong Kee <=> Seremban Market's <=> Tangkak's < Closed down uncle-operated's in Kuantan(forget where, absolutely the BEST in Malaysia!!) < Any B.Noodle store there is in HK < Any B.Noodle store there is in Taiwan...
rising said…
O! How could i forget this!? I seriously dont think anyone can top this: Macau Taipa 大利來記's heavenly Beef Ligament Noodle!!

MUST TRYYYYYYY!! Forget about its pork burger! Arm yourself some chili padi and Hop onto an Macau-bound flight NOWWWWW!! Money-back guarantee!!!

Oooo! Have not been this excited over stall food for quite somewhile....Its tat GOOD!!
juzatinkle said…
read your blog about Beef noodles..and would like to recommend you to :

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle in SS2 (has been moved to SS2 in Jan 201, opposite Lorenzo PJ or check further details in their Facebook.
comments given by bloggers:-

Served "pure beef broth soup" not clear soup!

yummy right!
Do give it a try or call up the Chef - Julian Cheng 0123030626 for direction.
juzatinkle said…
read your blog about Beef noodles hence and would like to recommend you to :

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle in SS2 (has been moved to SS2 in Jan 201, opposite Lorenzo PJ or check further details in their Facebook.
comments given by bloggers:-

Served "pure beef broth soup" not clear soup!

yummy right!
Do give it a try or call up the Chef - Julian Cheng 0123030626 for direction.
SM Loong said…
I have discovered and would like to share GOOD FOOD -the famous Kota Bharu, Kelantan Beef Noodles (Lim Siong Kee - about 36 years history) has travelled to PUCHONG (I have waited for more than 30 years for its arrival). Located at Restoran KH20 - 67, Jalan Kenari 20, Bdr. Puchong Jaya (opposite IOI Mall). Open daily from morning to lunch & closed on Sundays. I have taken it many times and I love it (no need to go back to KBharu yearly ). You should go and try it.
GPS coordinates: N 03 02.628, E 101 37.302

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