Thursday, April 10, 2008

There Has To Be A God

The above headline could be a cry for help. It could also be a yearning. It could also be a cry of exasperation. Or it could be sobering commentary following a philosophical debate that if God did not exists, we would have had to invent Him. And after viewing the clip below, you would say the same statement in the voice of assurance and conviction, because there couldn't be any other possible explanation.

A couple who could not conceive adopts a baby. The baby is blind. The mother always sings in her kitchen. One day when she was 3, she played the song her mum sang on the piano. No one taught her, its impossible to teach a blind child to play at 3. She hears a song and she can immediately play it on the piano. I mean her tiny fingers can barely stretch to play the notes.

In a world where we are surrounded by temporary cares and woes, it is good to take care of your soul. She reminds us all that there are greater things in life, that He is around.

p/s photo: Ruby Lin

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