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No Malice Intended!

simon_alibaba said...
comeon guys,just let it go...... i am as wrong as you guys.good luck to tan sri lim! this deal is paramount important to him than to us.let see how he develop it?


do not take this to mean i don't want genting to get the project... i think its a coup and will actually strengthen m'sia-sing ties ... i even said those who bot the covered on friday deserved to get paid, however, the mother share looks shaky yesterday and today and even taking it at 33, the covered is way way overpriced... people need to know that and appreciate the valuations ... whether it happens to be genting or not ... so it is not a slight on the lims, they have done very well for themselves and i think the london clubs purchase was even more significant ... so even though i predicted kerzner would win, i was wrong on genting's chances but i am still glad ... btw... the snetosa thing was a pure joke and not to blast anyone ... lol

but you cannot just dismiss the sentosa old name thing, its got a lot of fengshui attached to it, just go and read the postings by Zentrader .... come to think of it, the Sentosa IR bidding has a lot of cloudy bad luck tainting the entire process ... Kerry Packer of PBL died (part of the Melco bid) ... Kerzner's CEO died ... hmm... the plot thickens ... just how bad is the fengshui??

my friend called me just now to ask if i lost a lot of money at genting highlands last week (i don't like casinos per se, only those with real poker tables as in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne) owing to the postings on genting and sentosa .. told him the same storyline as above ... i said that it could have been worse ... can you imagine if sentosa's old name was Belakang Mari ... omg ... that would have been "light up my ass hair funny"...


doraiddd said…

i managed to google this for your interest -

merry christmas and a happy new year
doraiddd said…
solli, i just read zentrader and its the same article as above link.

very solli again... a bit blur these days.

kindly ignore!!

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