Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Devil Does Not Wear Prada
Da Vinci Code Reloaded

Thanks to my Baptist background, good in theology failed practical, ... the almost ridiculous but captivating story in Da Vinci Code has brought much warmth and happy thoughts. While I believe the DV is a great story, it is a story, and I am thankful for the interest it has stirred up - at least some will seek more information for the truth. Anyway, that's not why "The Devil Does Not Wear Prada" (isn't that the best headliner... ever) is written. This blurb was written following the article in Wall Street Journal yesterday on the Pope's accessories.

It seems that product placement advertising has overstepped the normal boundaries of TV shows and movies as the Catholic church leader Pope Benedict XVI has been seen spotting many fashionable items as part of his daily fashion wear. The Pope has been seen with an Apple i-Pod, a sexy pair of reddish-orange set of Prada shoes, some walking shoes by Geox and he wears Serengeti sunglasses. I am pretty sure its all complimentary, well freebies are freebies ... or is the new Pope more fashionable, a closet fashionista? Well, of all closet cases, that would be the mildest.

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