Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fly Me To The Moon

Banned Airlines By E.U.

When you have the planes keep diving into the Red Sea or having pilots that don't take-off and land properly, you say enough is enough. Various EU countries have come up with their own list of banned airlines from their skies. While we in Asia are still generous to "errors/poor standard practices" by certain airlines (I mean a couple of pilots playing mahjong and putting the plane on auto-pilot is macho-bravissmo right?), it might be good for us to pay heed to traveling on the following banned airlines, particularly when you are on a budget or when you are the adventurous type.... Now, where is my Citation when I need it the most?!!

By France
Air Koryo (North Korea)
Air Saint-Thomas (US Virgin Islands)
International Air Service (Liberia)
Air Mozambique (Mozambique)
Transairways (Mozambique)
Phuket Airlines (Thailand)

By Belgium
Africa Lines (Central African Republic)
Air Memphis (Egypt)
Air Van Airlines (Armenia)
Central Air Express (Congo)
ICTTPW (Libya)
International Air Tours (Nigeria)
Johnsons Air (Ghana)
Silverback Cargo Freighters (Rwanda)
South Airlines (Ukraine)

Each of the European countries have their own list of banned airlines, and pressure to reveal them have been mounting in order for the public to be aware of the airlines censured. In a few months time a more complete list of banned airlines by EU-wide-unified should be finalised. Right now, there is a bit of confusion over which airline can still fly here or there ... no wonder they end up diving into the Red Sea.

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Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Wow, that is sorta scary that these airlines can't seem to get their landings right. thanks for sharing this informtaion.


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