Thursday, October 27, 2005

Divine Intervention As A Corporate Strategy

MAS incoming managing director, Idris Jala, plans to tap into talent inhouse at MAS using the same five “ingredients” he used to turn around Shell MDS (M) Sdn Bhd. His 5-prong plan to turn MAS around include:

1) Going for the impossible
2) Anchoring everything (ranging from strategy, plan, activities, processes, structure and culture) on a profit and loss statement
3) Instituting discipline in action in a rigorous and relentless manner
4) Changing one’s leadership style depending on the team development
5) Praying for divine intervention

As he was addressing a group of academics, plus the fact that he is NOT officially managing MAS yet - I will give him a bit of leeway in his plan to turn MAS around (it is still full of generalities). I have no problem with Points 2, 3 and 4. Point 1 - Going for the impossible - sounds a bit like a someone's been to too many "self-improvement" courses (if you know what I mean)... I think I will start one soon.. to be called, "7 Reasons Why Self-Help Books Won't Work".

The other is Point 5 - Praying for divine intervention. I though that would be relevant if you were Moses and you are trying to lead a group of people across the Red Sea. Or am I mistaken as to the gravity of problems at MAS?? Reliance on God is a good thing in our everyday life, but to seek for divine intervention.... hmmm .. Points 1 & 5 kind of triggered some bells of caution... I do hope I am wrong, gotta at least give the guy a fair go at it, ... but he is not helping (if you know what I mean).

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