Saturday, October 02, 2021

The Redemption Of Louis CK

Louis CK is my all time favourite stand up comedian. A few years ago he had to own up to some sexual shenanigans. But I have to say his was a lot more tamer than Kevin Spacey. Google it, I think its wrong but not beyond redemption. That's a tough one, when your idol does something or reveals something utterly reprehensible. You question whether he/she is still your idol.

To me, the misdemeanours are not vile or evil. It has more to do with slight sexual perversions (hey, who doesn't have some). It is certainly forgivable. Moreover, there is only one Louis CK. His comedy is at a couple of levels above the rest. He is brutally hones
t, he will discuss thoughts that should have been filtered by us all, knowing that he will be judged for saying it, and we will be judged for laughing at them. Watching Louis perform is like a long session at therapy... you go and discuss your dreams and nightmares with utter honesty. Worse, you discuss your fears and prejudices as well.

You either love Louis CK, or despise him, because he is so honest and forces you to consider things which are flying through your minds. Some disgusting, some blatantly racist, some uproariously true and wonderful ... mainly he forces us to be totally naked as a human and be frank with is.

Absolute genius, welcome back Louis CK.

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