Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Andropause Succor - My Story

Readers will be aware that my blog has a sponsor. For the longest time I have refused to take on any product placements or ads, which just clogs up my blog. 

However Andropause Succor is a product that is near and dear to me. It is 100% Malaysian.About 12 years ago, I was feeling lethargic, not wanting to do much, not keen to try anything new, and my equipment wasn't working the way it used to be. I read up on andropause and thought I may have low testosterone. 


My GP rubbished me off saying I look too young to have andropause. Anyway did the blood test. When we are in our teens the testosterone should be 20-24/30. As long as its above 15 you should have no problems. Each passing year as we age in our 40s we lose a few percent of our testosterone.

My bloody reading came in at 8/30. My GP was shocked. Tried the artificial jab (huge jab) but it only dissipates after a week or so and its so painful as the jab is back into the muscle. The other gel which you rub on your arms is so-so only. I think our body will not accept artificial stuff.

For the next 2 years I did research on how testosterone works and the actual lab research done on various products/herbs. My friend owns the "best run and probably largest bio-nutrients manufacturing facility in the country". We also consulted their in-house pharmacist on that matter on and off. 

The final product which is proven is our Tongkat Ali. However what you have out there has varying levels of extraction. To explain, the most basic way is to boil the root, much like Chinese soup. That kind of extraction may give you 20% of the essence. You can chop up the root, boil it and then hard press it, you may get 35%. Then there is fractionalisation, you may end up with 45%-50%. 

Pomegranate juice’s concentration of antioxidants and ability to impact oxidative stress make it a potential fertility aid. Oxidative stress has been shown to cause sperm dysfunction. It has strong anti-inflammation properties and can also increase testosterone levels in men, one of the main hormones behind sex drive.

Why I invested in Andropause Succor is that my friend's facility has just then patented a better form of extraction using ultrasound/fractionalisation and nanotechnology. They have already submitted it for patenting. Hence on the market I can safely say AS has probably the best extraction and efficacy.

To lose testosterone or have low testosterone is to age. If you can reverse that even slightly you will age so much better. I wanted to call it anti-aging, but then there will be hoards of people trying to rubbish that claim. So lets call it a rejuvenation of virility.


We start losing testosterone when our testes starts to slow down production of semen, telling the rest of the body to no longer need to procreate and prepare to wind down "operations". Hence having the Tongkat Ali supplement is like the fuel but if engine and combustion does not kick in, its pretty limited. To "restart the production", we need a healthy dosage of zinc, and some magnesium. To have a proper circulatory prowess we put in Cordyceps. All the "amount recommended" were not guesswork but based on the in house pharmacist's professional guidance.

We tested the product among ourselves and friends, and my testosterone went back to 17/30 after 3 months. For the last 2 years it has been between 16-19/30. 

So we went into production. Engaged a team of online marketing for a couple of months. ALL our Facebook ads got banned after just 2-3 days. So its all word of mouth and my blog. Even so, our repeat orders have been very good. It works. 

The first batch took 11-13 months to sell. It should have sold out faster had we not been banned by FB, any mention of men's libido will get cut...sigh.  We just have our new batch delivered, twice the previous order as we are prepared to do more via IG, KOLs and establish links with EBay and Amazon. Plus after the feedbacks, we have redesigned the pill to be easy to swallow with a coating to mask the bitterness.

I highly recommend men above 40 to at least try it and they will thank me later. You gain back 10-15 years in functionality. It is not a libido pill per se (although it helps a lot there), why we age .. when we start to lose muscle mass, you get droopy skin around the neck and arms. When your testosterone is low any sports/body building will not translate to muscles. Thats why body builders pump their body with artificial testosterone to keep it at above 25/30 so that all the work translates to muscles.

While I hate to focus on the men's libido angle, that's what most of my friends would ask. Let's just say I gained back 10-15 years in terms of libido and functionality. Heck, even morning glories came back and even wet dreams (remember that).

Recovery, strength... if you smoke and drink, you will find it harder to recover the next day. AS will be of big help. At times I am out drinking almost 4-5x a week, no issue, can still wake up at 8.30am to watch the markets.


Friday, May 14, 2021

AZ Vaccination - Malaysia

 I think my experience matched 99% of those who went for their AZ vaccination thus far. It was by far the most well organised, staffed by pleasant and polite staffers... plus knowledgable and patient doctors to chat with you for however long you wanted to. Everyone there knew their responsibilities, everyone there knew what to do. They were helpful, swift, highly efficient, armed with more than adequate information and downright professionalism at it best.

WHY CAN'T ALL OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICES BE LIKE THAT??? Ok, I think we will even accept 50% of that level of competence.

Why did I immediately signed up for AZ? Read as much as I could on the vaccines. Bottom line, all the top 6 vaccines will have different efficacy BUT key factor is if you take the vaccine and you get COVID19, you probably/surely will not die from it. Isn't that the key? Vaccines may not protect you 100% but anything above 60-70% is better than nothing. Another key point, if you get COVID19 after vaccination, it is likely to be mild.

Lastly, we need to get to herd immunity ASAP. So what if I am not getting "the best vaccine". Let's all do our part to get there. Its like a war, some will go into it with hammer and tongs, some will get guns, some will get AK47s... but let's all do our part.

I am not referring to us as a sinking ship per se, but when there is a crisis on a ship... you don't ask for what colour the lifejackets you want, would you??!!

Already we know how the developed nations have secured and hoarded the vaccines. We get ours depending on how the global forces "discriminate against less developed countries" ... We can cry and whine, but let's get out of this mess first.

I see no reason not to take AZ. Unless you are someone who has been taking birth control pills for sometime in the past (then wait for the other vaccines). For a whole host of reasons, some we should have taken swifter initiatives to counter, some which were beyond our ability to counter (big pharma, developed nation status, patent issues) - our rate of vaccination is very very low and if you wait, we will only get there in 2-3 years time.

There will be side effects, my friends who went all had mild fever to being feverish for half a day or so but came out well after some panadols/actifast. Some had mild headaches fr a day or so, no big issue. All subsided by first, second or third day. I just had very mild fever for a couple of hours on the first night, that's it.

Oh, and bring a PEN or two (to lend to others) when you are going for vaccination.

Rich countries with 14% of the world’s population have secured 53% of the best vaccines. Almost all of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines will go to rich countries. The Moderna vaccine will go to rich countries exclusively; it is not even being offered to the poor. In fact, nine out of 10 people in  countries may never be vaccinated at all. Washington is sitting on vaccines, making sure no one gets any while the US needs them. The European Union has exported 34m doses to, of all places, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong – countries that have no problem sourcing or paying for vaccines. In fact, the EU sent about 9m doses to the UK, a country which, no longer in the EU, also has what amounts in practice to an export ban of its own, official denials notwithstanding. 

It’s unlikely that Moderna’s chief executives feel badly about the unvaccinated poor. The company forecasts sales of over $18bn for 2021, pushing Moderna into profit for the first time since its founding 11 years ago. Pfizer hasn’t done too badly either; they’re expecting a cool $15bn in sales.

South Africa, Africa’s worst-hit country, is buying Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine at nearly two and a half times the per-unit price of European countries. AstraZeneca’s French division told the press in November 2020 that it was capping the price per dose at €2.50, but somehow European countries are buying doses below the cap and African countries far above it. Canada has bought more doses per head than anyone else – enough doses to vaccinate every single Canadian five times over. But the entire continent of Africa – home to 1.3 billion people – has been allocated a total of 300m doses. As of the last week of January, in all of sub-Saharan Africa, only 25 vaccines had been administered. Twenty-five. The director general of the World Health Organization warned that the world was on the brink of a “catastrophic moral failure”. But the west has passed the brink a long time ago.

Israel, administering over 150,000 doses of vaccine a day in the dawn of the new year, leading the world in vaccine rollout, is pointedly, purposefully, not vaccinating the Palestinian people it occupies. When asked about it, the Israeli health minister sniffed that Israel had no legal obligation to vaccinate Palestinians. What then were the obligations of the Palestinians, he asked, to look after dolphins in the Mediterranean? It is a statement too stupid – too cruel – to answer. Yes, you have an obligation to the people you occupy; yes, you have an obligation to “the sea”. Israel wants to gift its surplus supply of Moderna vaccines to countries that moved their embassies to Jerusalem (or have promised to), such as Hungary, the Czech Republic and Honduras. A virus, for some, is manna. Let the Palestinians die.

While western countries were barging ahead, stockpiling vaccine doses for themselves, China and Russia were practicing vaccine diplomacy. China offered free doses of their vaccines to 13 countries; between the two of them, China and Russia have supplied more than 800m doses to 41 countries. No one imagines they do this out of charity, but it’s a clear, resounding sign of the changing world order. Eight hundred million to the EU’s paltry 34m. The US and UK have given nothing at all. This petty vaccine nationalism is irreparably damaging the west, betraying their claims to magnanimity, inclusive global leadership and concern for global health.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Why Short Shares

The first response to come timing has to be to make money as investors expect the stocks to fall in the future. The local bourse allows some shorting but only selected counters.Considerations were given to being Main Board, well capitalised, sufficient liquidity. You can't short second or third liners.

 There is a sense or morality or ethics here. Some feels that you shouldn't be profiting on a stock when it is behind hammered. It is just not right, so they say.

If you are that type, you shouldn't be trading stocks. That's because you have attached "emotions" to stocks, and worse, you have attempted to humanise stocks as "darlings", "my favourite", "love of my life", etc.

For local shorts, investors can use it for trend comparison. Collect and monitor the list and note trends of up or down. Moreimportantly, note the upcoming "events" that could impact share prices (corporate exercises, quarterly results, etc.)

Stocks are emotionless. They don't have memories of what prices they were traded at in the past. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE, up or down... will you be?

For every seller, there has to be a buyer. You cannot see things from just one perspective. If by selling you are being morally wrong, then is the buyer clueless? Everyone makes their decisions based on their assumptions and risk assessment. 

You could short stocks to protect your portfolio, or to extend your gains (e.g. if I think Supermax is better than Topglove, I buy one and sell the other... being in same industry I only want exposure in same industry).

Short selling strengthens the market by exposing which companies' stock prices are too high. In their search for overvalued firms, short sellers can discover accounting inconsistencies or other questionable practices before the market at large does. This does not imply that all stocks shorted may have those characteristics - but some usually do.

There is the belief that the practice represents profiting off others' misery or that it depresses successful companies' share prices, both academic studies and real-world experiments have shown that short sales improve market efficiency. Locally usually there is no massive collusion at work to push down certain stocks.

I do have a quibble when there is a collective effort to discover "faults", do massive PR campaign and promote sell research

 a taste of the techniques used by a “Short selling activist”, for example:

  • Make itself a Research company, not a short seller
  • Target Asian (especially Chinese) companies listed in Hong Kong & Australian companies.
  • Make a report, especially an attractive & negative title
  • Publish the information !

In fact, it’s not a new trick. In an article published by Reuter, companies listed in Hong Kong are targeted because:

- poor regulation, weak enforcement and small public floats means there are more stocks overvalued in the territory than in other major markets.

- China’s strict investment rules make it all but impossible to take short positions in individual domestic-listed Chinese stocks from overseas.

- Chinese companies alleged to have committed accounting tricks, market manipulation and fraud are being increasingly targeted by short sellers.

You can short based on publicly available information, but when you are short by doing extra research to obtain negative information, and you are part of an organised group to whack down the company - that's collusion even though it is based on "facts". A collusive grouping can caused a herd mentality to sell. Here is where the regulators need to be more vigilant. All said, it is fair game if you do shady  or false accounting.

There also has been sell research not based on facts but false accusations. It appears that there has been no penalty for these type of sell research groups yet.

p/s: The lovely Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, Malaysia's top artistic gymnast for many years. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Significant Corporate Exercises For EA Holdings

 This is a unique company. Last year, when penny stocks were the rage, investors were looking at stocks below 10 sen to see when they would move. EA Holdings was one of the ONLY one which DID NOT BUDGE. Finally, we see some significant corporate exercises for the stock. Investors should never shy away from analysing corporate exercises, for therein lies their "future plans". 

For avoidance of doubt, the Proposed Capital Reduction will not result in:-

(i) any adjustment to the Share price of EAH;

  1. (ii)  any change in the total number of EAH Shares in issue or the number of EAH Shares held by the shareholders of EAH;

  2. (iii)  any change to the exercise prices and number of the outstanding Warrants D and E held by warrant holders of the Company;

  3. (iv)  any payment to the shareholders of EAH; and

  4. (v)  any outflow of cash or change in the net assets attributable to equity holders of the Company ("NA"), save for the estimated expenses to be incurred in relation to the Proposed Capital Reduction.

Too often, investors mindsets get clouded by perception and historical recollection. All things should be reassessed via what is on the table. Only then we can get a fair assessment going forward. 

Look at MTouche. Some people were giving me a hard when I even mentioned the stock. I don't care who is behind the counter. Just look at the bare facts and you can see what the "near future" is for the stock. I think there are plenty of happy MTouche buyers and holders.

Let's look at the two proposals. The first is the goodwill write-off. A balance sheet item, but also significant as it will eliminate accumulated losses. This is important when the company wishes to acquire future assets as there are plenty of "ratios" that must be met by the company to be bought and the buyer. Writing off the goodwill will ease the future process for M&A activity.

The prelude to future significant M&A activity is almost confirmed with the above proposal. Should be exciting times ahead.

Please bear in mind this is not a buy or sell opinion. Just an opinion and for readers to do their own research before acting.

The second proposal was more significant. Its entails a share swap via issuance of new shares between Vivocom and EAH.

  1. (ii)  had on 5 May 2021, entered into a subscription agreement with Vivocom Intl Holdings Berhad ("Vivocom") for a proposed issuance of 1,250,000,000 new ordinary shares in EAH ("EAH Share(s)" or "Share(s)"), representing approximately 24.6% equity interest in EAH ("Subscription Share(s)") at an issue price of RM0.0231 per Subscription Share ("Issue Price") to Vivocom for total subscription consideration of RM28,875,000 ("Subscription Consideration") which will be satisfied fully via the issuance of 50,890,025 new ordinary shares in Vivocom ("Vivocom Share(s)") ("Consideration Share(s)") at an issue price of RM0.5674 per Consideration Share ("Proposed Shares Issuance").

The swap will result in EAH being 24.6% owned by Vivocom. Thus tying both companies' fortunes closer. 

What are the plausible reasons to do that. It can only mean that there might be future significant projects which will involve both companies. If projects will have both companies having the "same exposure", why do you need more than one company to do that? 

The likely answer is that there will be projects which will be jointly pursued by both companies, and there will be completely different narrative for each company going ahead. For example, sector A and B projects may be pursued together by both companies. Vivocom may concentrate more alone on C and D sectors solely. While EAH may concentrate more on sectors E and F. The reasons for that usually lies in the "ability to fund certain projects", the capital raising viability of each company, and need for cohesive thrusts into certain sectors (multiplier effects) by each company's strategy.

Looking at the year long chart, it appears that the company has been awaiting these corporate proposals for the longest time. At such low levels, with a "cleaner balance sheet" plus RM21.8m in cash, I can safely say it is worth investors tome to look and do further research into this counter. As it has largely missed out on last year's rally, there should be a lot of scope for catching up.

p/s: She is Jasmine Michael. Malaysian actress who is known for her roles in several feature films including in Malay and Tamil language films. She is best recognized for having played Maya in the 2015 film Vere Vazhi Ille as well as Oviya in the 2018 feature film Neeyum Naanum.  Her acting career started in 2010 when she played the character Geetha in the film Estet. 

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Why The USD Is Likely To Prick The Bubbles

There are almost bubbles everywhere you look but you also cannot see them bursting anytime soon. The massive liquidity injected by almost every single central bank to stave off the economic ill effects from the pandemic has ensured a superfluous liquidity situation.  It is well known that the US dollar is the most important currency for central banks with the US dollar accounting for about 59% of Forex reserves. The US dollar is involved in about 85% of all Forex transactions and is therefore the most important currency for international trade. 

Plus there being large sums of corporate debt in US dollars internationally while US corporate debt is nearing $10 trillion. One could also add that US Treasury paper is considered globally to be one of the safest investments. China has even recently bought more US debt and still owns a large amount of US Treasury paper, more than $1 trillion.

The global demand for US dollars will thus continue for several years due to there being so much debt denominated in the American currency. The global demand for US dollars will thus continue for several years due to there being so much debt denominated in the American currency.

It is therefore clear that the US dollar has a dominating position in relation to all other currencies. This domination will continue for at least some years.

Current US Financial Policy

The current US federal debt is over $28.2 trillion and will soon hit $29 trillion at the current rate.

The Biden administration is continuing the deficit spending of the previous administration and has proposed still more spending programs. The deficits have to be funded by Treasury debt, and a large portion of this debt is absorbed by the Fed, which now has a balance approaching $ 8 trillion.The question that should be asked is how the US can have such a huge trade deficit without the US dollar collapsing. The logical result of such a deficit should have been devaluation of the currency. With the Fed creating money at such a fast rate, devaluation should follow.

A look at the dollar index shows that there is variation in the value of the currency. The subprime mess 2007 and the ensuing few years brought the dollar down to below 80, and it is now around 91 and weakening. Despite the trade deficit, the Administration has continued creating huge sums of money, thus increasing the amount of money in circulation. 

Safe to say, there has been grand plans by many to reduce the usage of USD in global transactions. The reserve status for USD has allowed that country to issue papers with impunity (exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action). China is working hard to make the yuan the next global currency. The yuan can’t upstage the U.S. dollar unless the following scenarios happen:

  • Central banks around the world choose to keep a total of at least $700 billion worth of yuan in foreign exchange reserves.
  • The PBOC allows free trade of the yuan and relaxes its peg to the U.S. dollar.
  • The PBOC becomes straightforward about its future intentions with the yuan.
  • China’s financial markets turn transparent.
  • Chinese monetary policies are perceived as stable.
  • The yuan acquires the U.S. dollar’s reputation of stability, which is backed by the enormity and liquidity of U.S. Treasurys.

On December 1, 2015, the IMF announced that it awarded the yuan status as a reserve currency.2 The IMF added the yuan to its Special Drawing Rights basket on October 1, 2016. This basket currently includes the euro, Japanese yen, British pound, and U.S. dollar. In August 2015, it became the fourth most-used currency in the world. It rose from 12th place in just three years. It surpassed the Japanese yen, Canadian loonie, and the Australian dollar.

Prior to the Eurozone crisis, the euro was becoming a serious challenger to the dollar for global reserve supremacy. In particular, the possibility that some Middle Eastern oil producers might start invoicing in euros made holding euros attractive. However, the Eurozone crisis highlighted the euro’s fragility: although the European Central Bank promised to do “whatever it takes” to preserve the euro, the possibility remains that one or more countries might leave, triggering a disastrous exchange rate fall.


Despite this, the possibility of the euro replacing the dollar as the currency principally used in oil trading has been rising again. But there is another obstacle to widespread adoption of the euro as reserve currency. The Eurozone currently produces insufficient safe assets for the euro to replace the dollar as the principal currency for the world’s safe savings. Partly, this is because the legacy of the Eurozone crisis is that the debt of many Eurozone countries is no longer considered “safe.” But it is also because those countries that do produce safe debt, notably Germany, don’t produce enough of it.

Special Drawing Rights is an international reserve asset which the IMF allocates to its member countries. However, it is not at present a currency in its own right. Rather, it confers upon the holder a “right to draw” currency issued by any of the IMF’s member countries.


Originally linked to gold, SDR’s value now is determined by a basket of five currencies—USD, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound, and the Chinese renminbi. Since SDR is a reserve asset, not a currency, it also bears interest. The interest rate on SDR is determined in relation to the interest rates on safe assets denominated in the currencies of SDR’s basket.


Recently, there has been a proposal to make SDR an international currency. This would mean a change in the status of the IMF. Currently, it can’t create money, it can only distribute funds it has been given by its member states. But if SDR became a tradable international currency, the IMF would become the world’s central bank, at which other central banks would hold reserve accounts denominated in SDR. Supporters of this scheme say that a principal benefit of using SDR as the world’s reserve currency would be greater stability in the international monetary system, since it would no longer depend on U.S. monetary policy. However, a move to SDR from the dollar would need to be carefully planned to minimize swings in the dollar exchange rate and U.S. interest rates.

There is also the demand for US Treasury paper as a safe haven for investments. It would therefore seem that it does not matter what the Administration in Washington does and how much federal debt there is and how large the Administration’s budget deficit is or how large the trade deficit is. 

As long as there is a demand for dollars, the Treasury can keep on issuing bonds and the Fed can keep on creating as much money as it wants until the demand slackens.

Investors should be aware that very little is entirely certain in finance. Should demand for the US dollar weaken, then the currency would suffer devaluation. Investors should therefore pay attention to factors that could weaken the dollar and/or decrease demand for the dollar. On the one hand, dollar debtors, including sovereign funds and corporations, would be happy to see a devalued dollar since that would mean that servicing their dollar debt would cost less and the principal to repay would be much less as wellThe economic recovery now underway in the US is not going to change the penchant for deficit spending, and the Fed is planning on keeping interest rates low. One real problem that has to be faced is the growing inflation in the US. That may well lead to de facto dollar devaluation.

The bottom line for investors is that they should carefully follow developments in the increase of federal debt and of corporate debt besides keeping an eye on inflation. It will also help to consider the size of the trade deficit.

The Fed has nearly doubled its balance sheet in response to the pandemic – it has swollen from $US4.2 trillion to $US7.7 trillion – and is still growing at $US120 billion a month, pumping US dollar liquidity into the US and global financial systems.

There’s probably at least a year and $US1.5 trillion, if not more, of further Fed bond and mortgage purchases to come unless the Fed is forced into a change of policy stances by a sustained and threatening burst of inflation.

The other big factor at play is the massive blowouts in US debt and deficits and in the US trade deficit. Since the outbreak of the pandemic the US has enacted or announced nearly $US9 trillion of spending, about $US6 trillion of it by the Biden administration. The US trade deficit is at record levels.

Last Words: The USD is ebbing at the moment. The bazookas used by the Fed has pushed debt levels to delirious levels. Inflation and higher interest rates will be inevitable. Coupled with a weaker USD, it is bound to happen soon. I believe it will be one or both catalysts for an unwinding of a few bubbles. Sub prime corporate debt and housing debt should be the first to feel the pressure. Corrections happen slowly, one by one and then all at once - read that line again. 

p/s:Jelita Septriasa or better known as Acha Septriasa is an Indonesian actress and singer of Minangkabau descent.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Pandemic Effects on Countries & Macro Trade Ideas

 Global biggest economies saw some significant changes following the Covid-19 pandemic.  Nominal GDP values denominated in a common currency are a way of measuring and comparing economic sizes of different countries, and provide a glimpse of how developments — such as the pandemic — affect economies differently.

India which was 5th in 2019 has slipped to 6th, and judging by the calamitous situation there, is likely to drop further in 2021.

The pandemic which has hit South American nation in a much bigger way has resulted in Brazil slipping markedly. Brazil was 9th in 2019 and has slipped to 12th in 2020. Again another candidate that is likely to slip further down in 2021 although maybe not as precarious as India. IMF has projected that Brazil is likely to stay out of the top 10 till 2026 at least. Brazil has recorded the 3rd highest caseload and 2nd in terms of number of deaths. This spells a pending bleak situation going forward for India.

South Korea, thanks to its vigilant measures and high testing rates, has reaped the economic benefits and moved into top 10 in 2020.

However its interesting to look at trade impact as well. The world’s most affected economies due to coronavirus are the European Union, the US, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam, according to UNCTAD’s preliminary estimates of trade impact, in that order. That is because on a per capita basis, the amount of trade impact would be higher for smaller population with a high trade coefficient. This highlights USA's even deeper predicament.

April 28 (Reuters) - U.S. bank Goldman Sachs expects commodities to rally another 13.5% over the next six months on a worldwide reversal of coronavirus curbs, lower interest rates and a weaker dollar, its commodities research team said on Wednesday.

MACRO TRADE IDEAS: The sustained rallies in iron ore, copper and alumina may very well spill into the 3Q at least. As to whether it is sustainable, the jury is still out. However we have seen significant rallies in local stocks linked to those categories. Freight rate have jumped as well. Just look at the renewed interest in the few local players. 

Even oil & gas stocks should be in for a good run. But I prefer the above categories.

I think as a short term trade play, stocks linked to these will be useful to follow. That's because while liquidity is still good in the markets, they have also been running low on ideas.

p/s She is Lin Min Chen from Malaysia. Making her rounds in HK and Taiwan. I think she will succeed big time very soon.

Andropause Succor - My Story

Readers will be aware that my blog has a sponsor. For the longest time I have refused to take on any product placements or ads, which just c...