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I think many of you will identify with this post. I was away for nearly 2 weeks and my dog Dali was at my groomer's. Mind you I have been at the same groomer for over 9 years. Plus she has a number of cats and dogs as well under her care. I never had any problems before. 

When I picked her up, she had been chasing cats at her ripe old age of nearly 11. I was disheartened to see her limping towards me when I picked her up. I know how old she was, she was already limping a little when I left her at the groomer. Now she was nearly dragging her feet.

It was heartbreaking, to say the least. My good groomer has put her on a diet for the last few days owing to her joints/arthritis problem. She looked forlorn and like a reluctant Weight Watchers candidate finishing her ordeal.

I guess the reason why pet owners feel so attached to their pets is that they have "no one else to depend on". If you chose to have a pet, that is your responsibility. Like a petulant child, there will be tim…

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