Saturday, September 30, 2023

Best Omakase In Town - Sushi Foo


Have been following Chef Foo for some time now. Used to operate next to Pavillion Bukit Jalil but that shop opened at the same time when Covid started, so his business partner did not manage to hold on to the business. Now he has come full circle, with more equity, his own personal place.

For omakase, it is an overused term and concept. You are only getting produce the chef has ordered, so his links to suppliers (esp from Japan) is critical. Good Japanese food is not cheap.

That is why I don't get hung up with celebrity Japanese chefs. Next time you have an omakase or go to a famous sushi place, ask yourself, what are you paying for. Your RM400-1,000 has to pay for the expat chef's salaries, location, rental, service staff, etc. and after that produce.

(the salmon roe aged 5 days)

Chef Foo has garnered enough fans and followers to open at a 'dislocated' location because he is not going after walk in traffic. People will search for his place ... save a lot on rental. 

(early appetiser, ebiko, fresh prawns, uni, topped with lavender petals)

You go to a 800-1,200 pp place with a famous name and famous Japanese chef, you are probably getting 200-300 in produce value. Here omakase ranges from 300-800 and you getting closer to half of it in produce value.

(shima aji luxury roll with Japanese spring onions, ginger)

He is knowledgeable but is tied to the history of Japanese cuisine strictures. His selection is not tied to Edo (the old name for Tokyo) style sushi or Kansai-style sushi. Still, he has a deep respect for the cuisine and does not step much into the crazy Western style where fusion and almost anything goes. 

(huge hotate, grilled lightly)

I can't post all the things I had ... maybe 75%.

(the under-rated sardine)


(this starter was superb, a chawanmushi with crab meat and lightly cooked cod sperm duct, easily the best way to eat the cod duct)

(the proverbial sake... served cold of course)

(Kyushu oysters, small but deep tasting)

(the XXXXXX, otoro aged 20 days ... like eating 3 otoros but no jelak feel)

(okagai with sea grapes)

(I think it is monkfish liver with crab meat, sumptuous)

(the sashimi pair ... kinki fish, great oils... but its the smoked Spanish mackeral that takes the centerstage, we all immediately tasted the best of peatiness/smokiness of Lagavulin and Laphraiog enveloping the fish... gawd, would have been sublime to chase this with a shot of Laga)

(we kept asking for his home made pickled ginger and cucumber to be topped up)

(we liked the previous uni/prawns/ebiko so much ... he gave us another, this time with sushi rice at the bottom)

(the subtle chutoro)

(he dragged his prized possession to show us, the 20 day aged toro and otoro)

(the silkiest cut of kampachi served with bamboo salt)

(the aged otoro)

It is silly to try and call it the best, what I am trying to get at is the selection is often top notch and the cuts are generally premium cuts. There's enough interesting and hard-to-get stuff that serves as a greater charm to the whole meal.

They also do lunch sets, glorious ones too. Seating is limited to less than 15. Book before coming.

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