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FAQ - Andropause Succor


1) What does it consist of?
The main ingredients being Tongkat Ali, Cordyceps, Pomegranate and Zinc.

2) Why these ingredients?
Following the research findings thus far, we found that artificial T injections or creams only work sparingly and does not address the root causes of andropause. Andropause is mainly a result of aging and the body winding itself down in the reproductive cycle. Thankfully, we have formulated a mostly herbal supplement to counter the effects effectively. Our formulation was based on the need for better circulation, restarting normal sperm production, reducing chronic inflammation ~ basically an anti-aging strategy that happens to restore testosterone to normal levels.

3) How is it different from other similar supplements?
Firstly the composition is revolutionary. Secondly, it addresses the inner working of our body functions rather than address the symptoms. Thirdly, our manufacturing facility has been able to better extract the herbs by a factor 5x using nanotechnology. The said manufacturing process is being patented as the time of writing. In terms of potency, it will be hard to match.


1) How many can be taken a day?
It is recommended to take 2 a day for the first five days, to be taken in the morning following a meal. After the first five days, you may revert to one tablet a day.

2) How long before it becomes effective?
Boosting testosterone levels is not an overnight thing. You should have a blood test before taking and then have another blood test after a month to measure your testosterone levels. However, you should have better overall wellbeing within 2-4 days, in particular with the quality of erections and libido.

3) After my testosterone levels are up, does it mean I can stop?
Yes and no. If your T levels are near to 10/30, you may want to bring that closer to 20/30. Once that levels have been reached you may reduce the dosage to one a day. If you were to stop once you have reached desirable levels, and you maintain the same lifestyle choices as before, you will find yourself grappling with low T again within 3-4 months.

4) Why so bitter?
The experts will tell you that the more potent Tongkat Ali is, the bitterer it will be. We have decided against using artificial sweetener in our formulation. You may want to take the tablets with fruit juices to better cope with the bitterness. Most will get used to it after a few days.

5) How long will the supplement stay in my body?
As it is largely herbal, your body is likely to flush them out within 24-48 hours.

6) How will I know it is effective without measuring my T at a clinic?
The first few days should result in overall better wellbeing. You should experience better sleep, more energy, better libido, improved quality of erections. Longer term you will be able to better build and retain muscle mass, lose some of the visceral fats, and have a better temperament. There are other benefits, too many to list, which has to do with reducing inflammation. Reducing inflammation goes a long way to reducing the risks to many other diseases (esp. the heart).

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone supplements boosting vs. anabolic steroid

Even if the goal is the same (more testosterone), there’s a key distinction in the method. With steroids, you’re putting more testosterone into your body from an outside source. With boosters, you’re trying to trick your body into making more testosterone on its own.

2) How does Andropause Succor compare to other testosterone booster supplements?
Testosterone booster just boosts the level of testosterone. That is like curing the symptoms but not addressing the cause. Andropause Succor is a more holistic approach to countering the effects of andropause by "reclaiming body functions as a younger person" (including sperm production, higher metabolism, better anti-inflammatory platform for cells to thrive and not breakdown).

3) Is it more than an andropause reversal remedy?
Actually yes it is, but we stop short of claiming it is anti-aging as that brings forth a lot of needed studies and clinical research confirmation. However, we have strong reasons to believe that by reversing the andropause cycle naturally, we also address the need to contain the "inflammation" aspect of cells - both we think are crucial in any anti-aging therapy.

Not a week goes by that I am not asked about testosterone levels. Especially one of the following questions:

—”How can I raise my testosterone?”

—”Can supplements actually boost testosterone?”

—”How do I know if I have low testosterone?”

The questions are endless. Testosterone is a hot marketing area for men, that strikes at the core of machismo and male health. Attach testosterone to any product with some hyperbole, and you can market it effectively.

But truth be told, testosterone levels are critical for male health. Low testosterone causes:

Low energy
Low sex drive
Low strength
Anxiety, depression, and general lethargy
There are no advantages to having low testosterone. Zero. Nada. In fact, hypogonadism (which is when your body is not producing enough testosterone) is linked to:

Alzheimer’s disease
Cardiovascular disease
Recent research even points to low testosterone being a precipitating factor for prostate cancer.

With all this in mind, it’s concerning that testosterone levels have been dropping in men worldwide for decades.

The reasons for this are legion:

Environmental endocrine disruptors, plastics, contaminants; lack of sunlight and solar radiation; lack of key micronutrients, skewed diets; lack of exercise, lack of sleep, increased stress; the list is long.

And this drop in testosterone is not only seen in humans, but animals as well. Across the world, environmental pollutants are affecting animal life and disrupting sex hormones.

The pragmatic reality is this:

Our environments and lifestyles do affect our bodies. And many men are slowly castrating themselves through their lifestyles.

Increasing your testosterone levels, and thus your general vitality, should be of paramount focus for all men.

High testosterone levels are a representation of overall good health.

You have everything to lose and nothing to gain by ignoring your hormone levels.


1) Where can I buy Andropause Succor?
We intend to make it available only online.

2) Will there be other products?
Yes. We intend to release two more products by 2022. One is an all herbal mouth spray. The other is another herbal supplement that helps with female constipation.

3) Is Andropause Succor a bit on the pricey side?
Ask anyone who knows about supplements. Once you start to add more components to your formulation, the cost adds up. The other to bear in mind is the superior production facility which allows for up to 5x better extraction. The production process is already in the process of being patented and that explains the cost.

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