Monday, July 26, 2021

Herd Immunity & Anti-Vaxxers

At least now, we are not so perturbed by the rising figures of daily Covid positives. We seemed to have come to an acceptance that the figures will go higher, even 20,000 before plateauing. We are now more concerned with getting to herd immunity ASAP. Hence our disdain for anti-vaxxers. 

I think there wouldn't be much sympathy from the rest of us if anti-vaxxers die from Covid, as harsh as that would sound. That needs to be made clear.

Is it a personal right not to to do so? Even if you are uncomfortable with the vaccines as they "may not have gone through a thorough enough testing", statistics already clearly indicate that those vaccinated will likely only get a milder form of Covid. 

For all you anti-vaxxers, just look at our numbers. You are most definitely going to get the antibodies. Either via vaccination or infection. Its just that the latter may be deadly. Good luck!

As herd immunity is paramount, the government should put into place measures that reward those who have vaccinated and place restrictions on those who did not. All F&B establishments should have all staffers vaccinated (two doses) and only vaccinated people can dine in. Plus social stuff: bars, pubs, cinemas, karaokes, swimming pools, gyms. Same for interstate travel.

I know its a bit of a coercion - the "bantuan" payments should only go to people who can show they have been fully vaccinated. This will capture a lot more of those missed by Sejahtera.

Lastly, the government still has yet to come up with a proper plan to vaccinate the undocumented (illegals). One minister said early in the year that they will not be caught by the police or immigration officers if they come out. Another minister later saying the police or immigration officers will have to seek them out and catch them.

Let's be honest,  our country has a very large proportion of our workers being from foreign shores, and possibly an equal number who are undocumented. Malaysia probably has the largest percentage of population being foreign workers in the world, legal or otherwise. Hence our Covid strategy MUST include them.

The police and immigration officers had all the time in the world to catch them in the past - did they? Even with a concerted effort, you think we can even get even half? Be realistic, and in this situation, time is of essence, not a luxury.

There are easily about 2.0m to 3.0m illegals depending on whose estimate you rely on. That is not an insignificant number. Its pointless to get herd immunity when you have the undocumented roaming around. Legal or not, arrange amnesty halls for them to get vaccinated. That's the only sensible thing to do.

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