Thursday, March 17, 2022

Entitled ... The Most Despicable People

 Contrary to the headline, this is not about anti-vaxxers. I have already given up trying to convince them to convert. 

I was at Four Season hotel lobby trying to get to the cigar place on 4th floor. Next to me waiting as well was a pretty girl in a flowing black dress. You know how difficult it is to see if anyone looked decent under the mask. But sometimes you know.

There was also a couple, probably in their late 50s, a bit posh, or just attending an "event", you know the type ... probably air kissing too much. There were 3 lifts .. we all went to press the UP button at various times. It was a bit of a wait... maybe 45 seconds.

One of the lifts opened and it was empty. The couple went in, and as I and the girl trudged behind ... the lady, in Diana Ross mode, stuck out her hand and said:

"We don't share ... don't mind aaaah ..."

Stunned and being a bit to early to get my brain juices working ... both of us froze. As the door closed, a litany of rebuttals and swear words came flooding my brain much like the recent thunderstorms.

The audacity ... mother plucker ... Some my intended but late rebuttals include:

"Excuse me, if you are so scared ... don't fucking come out... don't share, what are we sharing already... AIR, don't fucking breathe then"

"Excuse me, UNLESS you are going up to the room to fuck your toyboy... you will meet other people, so don't say DON'T SHARE ... you are not more important than the rest of us... DON'T fucking come out if you are so delicate ... oh btw, cover your fucking FACE too, its affecting my appetite and mood... IF YOU DON'T FUCKING MIND"

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MK - don't know much, want to learn more said...

welcome to Malusia, Sir.
Checkout the viral news where VIPs' vehicles are more important than a blaring ambulance. Classless bastiches

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