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Boundless Sea & Sky

Give the people what they want, we are not asking for much, just what is fair, what is right and equitable ... our struggles are ongoing and many of us feel for our HK friends. Beyond's song "Boundless Sea and Sky" which epitomises the yearning for freedom and liberty, from all that is "not right".... rightfully is the anthem.

 海阔天空 – Beyond 今天我 寒夜里看雪飘过
Gam tin ngoh, hon ye lui hon suet piu gwoh
Today I saw snow drifting through the cold night

Threes & Tees

I heard good things about a tee shirt design and printing outfit in KL. There are plenty of places that do that. Hence it takes a lot of soul searching to even try to compete in this arena. Ordered a few tees a few weeks back online. Very good customer service and they made sure I was informed every step of the way. End product - well, I think they sourced the best material for tees because the tees feel like the most comfy I have ever worn in my life, and I have worn a lot of tees.

A couple days after, I decided to put in my own design ... again great customer service. Showed me the design template before going ahead. Very satisfied customer here.

(p/s I do not know the owners, ... no fees, no freebie, no nothing from them...)

Give them a go:

My own designed tees.... "egalite" is my favourite word in the world, somehow pronouncing it in French makes a whole world of difference to the oft used and overused "equal or equality". The othe…

Realignment In Global Currencies Caused Global Equities To Pause

The worst week for global equities in almost two months finished on a positive note as optimism in the economy’s strength helped counter a procession of concerns from geopolitics to valuations and interest rates.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index lost 1.4 percent for the week, paring declines on the final day with a 0.9 percent rally. The MSCI All-Country World Index dropped 2 percent for the five days, the most since Aug. 1. The Russell 2000 Index of smaller companies decreased 2.4 percent. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index tumbled 2.8 percent, heading toward its worst month since January. 

We have to remember that most equity markets are near or at their all time highs. What is different is that I DO NOT see any of these so called all time high markets experiencing crowd madness, euphoria driven rallies, blinkered decision making ... every single market, even at or near their all time highs have been relatively subdued.

That is the crux of the current rally. Is it a liquidity driven ra…

Picasso On LIFE

Emma Watson's UN Speech

Emma Watson, what a spirit stirring speech ... egalite everyone!!!

Emma Watson Gender equality is your issue too
Date: 20 Sep 2014
Speech by UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson at a special event for the HeForShe campaign, United Nations Headquarters, New York, 20 September 2014

Today we are launching a campaign called “HeForShe.”
I am reaching out to you because I need your help. We want to end gender inequality—and to do that we need everyone to be involved.
This is the first campaign of its kind at the UN: we want to try and galvanize as many men and boys as possible to be advocates for gender equality. And we don’t just want to talk about it, but make sure it is tangible.
I was appointed six months ago and the more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop.
For the record, feminism by definition is: “The belief that men an…

Oh Well ...

Demonizing Asians (Again) For Depleting Sharks Numbers

They cleared all their forests years ago and 50 years later whack Asians for deforestation. They needed to promote their inferior cooking oils, hence did a prolonged propaganda against palm oil. Now the focus is on shark, or rather shark fins. I am OK going with or without that dish but lets get the facts cleared up. 

Western Hypocrisy In The Shark’s Fin Debate – AnalysisAugust 27, 2014

By KT Tan

Graham Land’s claim that “A UN-FAO commissioned report from last year estimated that the demand for shark fin soup in China, facilitated by a massive shark fishing industry in countries like Indonesia, was largely responsible for some 100 million shark deaths per year.” is a non sequitur, a logical fallacy in which the conclusion does not follow from the premises. ( ‘Are We Winning The War Against Shark Fin Soup?’, Eurasia Review, 22 August 2014.)

According to the FAO, Indonesia was ONLY one of the 26 countries that were responsible for 84 percent of the globa…