Thursday, May 09, 2013

Stocks To Watch

Its a new investment platform following the stop-start-maybe-cautious few months leading up to the elections. As mentioned during the S&M show, there are three tiers in the market, one is the blue blue chips, the second are the stocks that will benefit with the surrounding and prevailing market themes and the third are  the fresh names coming up as they may benefit from new projects and investments by states and federal government.

MRCB - Going places, after years of being the neglected child of a large family, this kid is on the way up. EPF's Sungai Buloh project could involve MRCB in a major way.

WCT - Astute operator, like the way they think in hiving off part of the business to do value add. Will be a better and bigger player to watch.

MUHIBBAH - Despite the enormous near limit up surge a couple of months back, this company has more than turned a corner. Many funds are busy accumulating.

INSTACOM - Probably the best backend telco infrastructure player. Tons of work still needs to be done in East Malaysia's connectivity, will be a rising star. Build up in Volume indicates good following.

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panaceaasia said...

MRCB indeed looks attractive but why does EPF have to cede control to an individual?

This is puzzling.

Black Ink said...

None are attractive. I wouldn't touch any with a barge-pole. But hey, that's me.

spongebob said...

hi, i have a question, how come most of your stock watch is already flying a bit too high for entry? its like telling a history or giving reports?

Salvador Dali said...


if you stop doubting you would be making money on every stock, note the time of posting .... if you want it earlier, then be a subscriber of Murasaki ... no free lunch baby