Monday, May 06, 2013

Lawan Tetap Lawan

Parliament Seats
In 2003, BN won 198 seats.
In 2008, BN won 140 seats.
In 2013, BN won 133 (+7)
In 2018, ????

State Seats
2008 - BN 344 vs 161
2013 - BN 275 vs 230 (PR +71) 

- We reduced the number of BN’s parliamentary seats by 7

- We have secured an enormous gain in State seats by 71

- We have driven home the point to Barisan that we are the rightful owner of the country

- We proved to MCA, Gerakan & MIC that they are irrelevant

- Perak & Terengganu almost made it 

- There are more people who voted for opposition. BN polled 5.220 million votes to Pakatan Rakyat’s 5.489 million

BN please take note of the kind of mandate you have secured, its not really 50-49. You know 

and I know with the phantom voters allegations, gerrymandering, vote buying  and vote stuffing 

allegations, the real figure should be somewhere in the region of 56-44, take note again of the

 kind of mandate you have secured.

Somebody mentioned that Gandhi took his fight for independence some 32 years while 

Mandela spent 27 years seeking justice and freedom. We are barely in our journey for 10 

years. Our time will come. We will still fight the "dirtiest election tactics" issues head on for now 

but know in our hearts where we are headed - the longer road, the road less travelled, the road

taken by heroes and those who champion the triumph of the human spirit.


Some of you commented that the nation is not ready to accept Pakatan or rather we have not 

convinced the rural heartlands in East Malaysia and pockets of Johor, Pahang and northern 

Malaysia. That may be true but only to a small extent. Its the Parliamentary seats 

gerrymandering ... it is quite ridiculous ... how can a constituency with 100,000 elect one rep 

and another with just 25,000 elect another??? Do you know how of these seats are there? 

We can call for Bershi 4.0 but we also know we have to work with a slanted playing field. I 

think the people's march towards a people's government is stronger than what most of you 

make it out to be. We are reaching the masses, its the convoluted and lopsided rules that 

make it seem that way.


PresentValue Wong said...

PR secured a lot more state seats in 2013 vs 2008 - this is a good trend

PresentValue Wong said...

PR secured higher votes and state assemblies seats in 2013 compared with 2008

Digital said...

2008 Indian tsunami...2011 Japan tsunami....2013 Chinese tsunami...2018 __________ tsunami. Just fill in the blank.

Put in place some good, clean and effective leader and you're on the way or else maybe have to wait till 2023.

elizabeth said...

The children of israel was living in egypt and even though they were oppressed they continue to submit to the pharoah. Outside the Lembah Pantai polling station a conversation with a makcik tells me that the older and less educated folks will continue to feel that they need to be grateful to UMNO for the crumbs they receive. It is only after the pharoah treated the children of israel more harshly that they started to open their eyes and cry out to God for deliverance. For the next 5 years and god knows how many more, with the introduction of GST, accelerated pace of influx of the cimb to build BN vote banks, more security problems, more corruption (probably so blatant that it borders on insanity), people will find it harder to have a decent livelihood... more brain drains we can expect... Future does not look very good. But, for the people, all the people of malaysia to go beyond racial lines and be united against the tyrant that oppress, we have to suffer much more before we are able to see... that good and evil is not represented by race or creed.. Then, malaysians will rise up to oppose evil. Then, malaysia can truly have a peaceful transition of power. Looks like we have to wait for Nurul to mature and gain more prominence, and she will be the prime minister who will lead malaysia out from the darkness that will increase even in the days to come.... I hope I will live to see that day.

elizabeth said...

All Malaysians who are educated, or who read beyond the msm to find out what is really going on in this country, know how this election has been won. Nevertheless, there are still large pockets of malaysians who will not or are not ready to give up on UMNO yet. For a peaceful transition, we have to be patient with this group of people. For peaceful transition, we have no choice but to wait for them... they probably need more than 5 years...

elizabeth said...
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rick said...

Malays do not accept Pakatan yet. There were big rallies in towns but I wonder how much effort was made to reach out to the rural Malays In this areas where PAS was standing opposite Umno they failed miserably.Infighting, weak leadershp Hj Hadi,Harun Din making silly comments about hudud and communists,pil kuda.In Kedah there was a lousy stubborn MB which PAS leaders failed to replace.In Kota Damansara PAS cost the seat due to their refusal to back down.Also the attack on PAS youths by BN boys in Ipoh was shown on TV and Pakatan was blamed.

Vinthiakumaran Poovananthiran said...

I am sad that they are still talking about race as one person said this is not race election but class election

clearwater said...

In short, DAP delivered but not PKR or PAS. Why? Is it the party or the candidates offered or something else? Next few days, the results will be analysed to death. I am disappointed but not devastated that change has to wait another 5 years.

elizabeth said...

Rick, regretably, every evil thing that bn and its hired hands do are blamed on pakatan. Even the phantom voters also, can u believe it? But, BN will continue to spin those lies, because we still have a good 40% of the population who believes in them, and there are also pro-bn bloggers and the likes of wong chun wai who are willing to propagate thse lies. This is evil, and this is injustice.

nangka said...

PR must do 3 things

1. Find a way to get NRD to clean up their database. There are probably too many illegally issued IC's.
2. Find a way to introduce new regulations relating to registration of voters. For example, every voter must have a proper, valid and verifiable address. And the voter can be deleted from the list if proven otherwise.
3. Do a complete and thorough reconciliation of all the voting slips, including postal votes. Leave no stones unturned.

Dr Tang Weng Heng said...

PR lost (fullstop). We can analysed. But the fact is Malays and Muslim bumiputera swing big time back to BN, just like the Chinese are backing PR.

Dr Tang Weng Heng said...

I feel the best chance for PR has just slipped away. And probably DSAI realises that as well.

duuude said...

I'm afraid GE14 will be a repeat of GE13 if the EC, NRD and PDRM continues to support BN :(

Nobody in authority did anything to stop the illegal voting by foreigners with quickie MyKads. One of the most ridiculous things I saw on Facebook is a dark-skinned foreigner with a MyKad called Chua Lai Fatt!

Iron Man said...

My fellow Malaysians,

Yes the 'change' we all wanted did not happen. I am dissapointed too. I did my part but should have done more.

But look at the bright side. We all moved HUGE steps forward!

Our fellow Malaysians helped us win more seats. The number of voters for Pakatan > BN. In-roads have been made in previously deemed untouchable areas

This success will win more hearts - the hearts of many Malaysians who want it better and fairer.

The groundswell from all our collective efforts have created a Malaysian tsunami. The waves have crashed onto the shores and it has set off an alarm that is ringing loud and clear.

The next Malaysian tsunami will be BIGGER and STRONGER.

The time will come. Meanwhile, pump up our hearts and be proud of what we have achieved. The road ahead is difficult but the mission is NOT impossible.

Thank you and best regard to all.

No Sides said...

. There is no need of accusation like phantom voters, money politics, Spr, Pdrm ,lights goes off .......... .
PR won more states and parliament this time. If BN really applies all these accucations, than how can PR garner these extras.
If, we touch our hearts sincerely, we also realised PR also packed alot of lies through Sms, website and in their speeches
PR should be contented that overall they have more fibres and able to flex their muscles now.
So, over is over for now and hopefully comes 5 yrs than
look into our needs and dreams again.Let the dusts settle down while we enjoy the peace and get on with Life again.
From ' A non political citizen '

bruno said...

Well guys and gals,Umno/BN has been cheating big time since Dr Mahathir was in power.Project M or project IC is an open secret.

Everybody knew that Umno/BN were going to cheat.What is the extend we do not know.To counter the mass cheating by Umno/BN was possible.Momentum was definitely on the side of PR.

But what do the leaders of PR do.They screw up big time in Sabah,not once but twice.That is the PKR leaders of Anwar and Azmin.They are too greedy and want to contest most of the seats.But as leaders they talk a lot,but they do not have good generals and strategists.

In the peninsular they have the most candidates contesting among the PR coalition.What is the point of contesting so many seats when they have no control or know what they were doing,excepr of having the most candidates contesting.

Why not they contest less seats and give some to the DAP or PAS.If the PKR had concentrated their resources on fewer seats,they would have ended up winning more seats.And the PAS and DAP would have ended up with a few more seats too.And just look at Anwar's majority.It has dropped tremendously.

Okay,they screwed up the first time in Sabah.The second time around they could have made a deal with the local parties who were friendly to PR.But these PKR guys were just too over confident and greedy.What they do not think is if these local guys win their seats would have become PR friendly.

With CSL screaming hudud,these PAS people will not lose to him,screaming more hududs and louder that CSL.Even up to the final stretch.

The best and most well organised party in the coalition is of course the DAP.They are battle hardened and very disclipined.

In the end we can safely say that the PR lost to a more determined to win opponent(abeit mass cheating and gerry meandering,of course).

zen cat said...

The rural voters of sabah & sarawak delivered this election on a platter for BN despite having the most corrupt state governments. Let's face it, the rural population in the economically most backward & undeveloped states are in no position to make the brave & long sighted move to ubah. The feudalism & serf mentality is too deeply ingrained among them. They look upon BN as their lords/kings. The whole "government of the people, by the people & for the people" part of history has not reached them yet. Why? The BN led government makes sure they remain dirt poor, uneducated, uninformed & clueless. BNs brainwashing for the past 40 years has also led them to believe there is no alternative. You really can't hope to change the minds/thinking of these older voters who have been programmed with such propaganda for their entire lives.