Saturday, March 09, 2013

Were You There Last Night In Penang?


bruno said...

This is a sign of better things to come.How good I do not know.But one thing I do know.Umno/BN will be on the opposition bench at federal level after GE13th.And Najib will be the opposition leader as there will not be many Umno MP's left to oppose him.

bruno said...

We went short S&P quarter positions last Frday,this Tuesday,Wed and Thurs.We added one full position yesterday at the spike up after NFP.Our feel the pain stops is thirty points our average price.A very costly price tp pay,for trying to pick tops if stopped out.

The dow did better then we thought.But S&P is still 1% or 15 pts from its all time highs.Dow made four consequtive all time highs in four days.But the dow only consists of thirty companies.Whereas the S&P is five hundred companies.

No matter how,which we do not expect the markets to fall out of bed with the bullish momemtum and Big Ben on its side,the markets have not had a normal correction yet.We expect a correction to come as early next week.We will add trailing stops when twenty points in the black.

We went short the SF on a break.Loonie and Swissie are doing quite well.Although we got a shock when the Loonie spiked up on better labour figs.Eventually it gave back most at end of day.

No matter what the feds do or how hard they try to manipulate the markets,as always the markets will have its way in the end.

Like I have been saying for sometime,the greenback is enroute to a bullmarket for the next few years.King dollar will make sure that repatration of overseas profits will be lower in the future,due to the strength of the greenback.

China the machine of growth in Asia is in deep shit.Their property over development will see a credit crunch on the mainland gomen,as many projects are under their jurisdiction.Plus the private sector,when the housing market comes crashing down like humty dumpty.

The Pigg's problems are still work in progress.One final plunge will bring the EU going into disintergration.With the Euro going below to its all time lows of ninety cents.Then blue chips can be had for pennies to the bunch(gasps and eyes popping out).Then the dow will be in the 3000-5000 range,not negative(joking only).