Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giving Customers What They Want

The headline is seemingly an easily understood concept but one which is rarely practiced by most companies, even big ones. Was on a flight on AirAsia, did you know you can get Chatime on the plane? What a surprising yet decisive move ... To me it tells of the strategy and mindset of Tony and his crew, to continually get the customers what they want. Yes, we still bitch about many things about AirAsia, but overall its a bloody great way to fly cheap.

An example of a company that does not give customers what they want is 7-11 Malaysia, and only Malaysia. 7-11 franchises in Thailand and HK are amazing. You do not just go there because its late and nothing else is open. You go there cause they have things you want 24-7.

Its so obvious that 7-11 Malaysia mostly stocks stuffs that "they can get a very long credit period". Am I wrong here? They probably operate as a cash flow cow, rather than investing in "real products consumers want", we only get to choose stuff whose "manufacturers can tolerate long periods without payment because their products are not so in demand in the first place". Naturally some things they cannot do without such as top tier soft drinks.

Just look at other competing 7-24 operations, they go the extra mile, heck one of them even has vegetables.




bruno said...

Maybe the 7-11 store chain is under the cronies of Umnoputras.They are living under the tempurong as they believe that they still have all the monopolies in the fast food industries.They forgot that they are there for show only,because it is better to do something than nothing than shaking their ba*ls.

William Wang said...

The only thing I appreciate about Airasia, is they provided competition and nothing else. In routes where no other airlines are allow to compete, the fare is not cheap and yet service is just as lousy. Lousy service we can tolerate but having all kinds of tricks and devious misleads are mounting to cheating, if they can do this, question yourself, do they maintain their planes properly, just to cut cost. As for 7-11, just dont touch any of vincent tan's company.

Derek Chia said...

Once talk to my Thai friend, they said 7-11 is their second home!!! Taiwan 7-11 and family mart is great too, they give u everything !!

limko said...

In Taiwan, 7-11 stores are everywhere, selling all kinds of foodstuff, so much so that they said you never go hungry anytime of the day with a 7-11 sore just around the corner.

bruno said...

These last couple of days the stock market and the greenback was all over the map.The crowd is finally bought into the financial experts forecast of poor earnings reporting season.

Yesterday I tuned into the business channel and heard that Amazon and Apple's earnings will be out soon,after markets closed.Just out of curiosity I stayed tuned in,as I normally do not care about or track individual stocks.

When Amazon's earnings came out,it plunged almost fifteen dollars and recovered to closed two dollars in after hours trading.In Friday early European trading it was up three dollars.When NA trading closed it was up more than fifteen dollars.

Same as when Apple's earnings came out it plunged thirteen bucks,only to come back and closed down two bucks in after hours trading.In early European trading Apple's shares traded down two dollars.In midday NA trading it was down over twenty bucks,only to closed down five bucks.

When the earnings news came out the greenback soared only to give back when NA trading closed.

It can only meant one thing.Smarties,consisting of fund and commodity managers are waiting to sell or buy the news.Usually when there are no follow through and markets are faded after the fact,the trap is sprung.Watch for a short squeeze and a market rally next week.

One important thing short sellers forget was that Apple's stock was already priced in as it was off more than one hundred dollars the last two weeks,from its all time highs.

ChampDog said...

In Malaysia, not giving what customers want can also be a very successful one! Seems even more powerful!

JL said...

Quite a coincidence that we just got back from the long weekend in Krabi. Out of the 3 days we were there, we went to the nearby 7-eleven four times for snacks, packed meals and drinks. They were the cheapest around and range of choices are large.

Thai 7-eleven is definitely the place to patronize.