Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Been Busy

Naturally with my new venture, I have been busy. Haven't even got round to do presentations to broking houses yet. Thankfully word of mouth helped snare over 500 trial users for Murasaki in just two days, and the number of paid subscribers have been encouraging.

Diligent users of the system have managed to go into Tambun at 64-65, Green Packet last week at 42 and again yesterday at 44, ... and as highlighted Borneo Oil last week below 47. Other stocks which have showed up from the system was Perisai, twice last week and again yesterday. Other stocks itching to move include Adventa and Jaskita.

Trial users should attend our free Masterclass to get a better understanding of how to use and interpret the system. There are 101 things you can do with it, don't short change yourself by just looking at one or two indicator on and off. The four indicators all play an important role to improve your investing decision making.

We will be making our way to other towns and cities in 2-3 weeks, so look for us.

Sign up for a free 5 day trial by logging into www.murasaki.co


Helen Ting said...

Hi Dali..Where is the free Masterclass held?


Salvatore_Dali said...


once u sign up as trial user or subscriber, there will be email invites to Masterclass.

bruno said...

Dali,maybe soon we will be seeing you on CNBC or Bloomberg.Be sure to inform your readers before you go on the set,or else they might not know who you are.

The well known traders like Larry Williams of Williams A/D index and author of 'how I made a million trading commodities' and John Bollinger of Bollinger bands were the few regulars missing from business networks that I already forgotten what thet looked like.They have been replaced by a new set of 'formula five' trsders.

The only guy left form that era is bow tie commodity king Jimmy Rogers,who is still a regular at CNBC.He is your next door neighbour,based in Singapore.

Again all the very best to you, and your new company will do very well in the near future..

alwayswin111 said...

Are you coming to Penang ?

bruno said...

Is the picture of Hokkien mee with pork ribs.I cannot remember the last time I had delicious Hokkien mee.Penang hawker food is still the best.Fish head beehoon is in Seremban.Fried oyster(oh chen)with eggs is in Prangin Rd,Penang.Hailam chicken is in Burrerworth.Duck's legs in Sungei Bakap.

For me these next few weeks,I am going to build an igloo and join the polars in Alaska.Keeping the good track record intact,
although the last two trades are only plus 30 pics and come back newly energized,clean and unbious.

buffalo said...

will you do a class during end of Dec as well?

JuneTan said...

i m in skudai/jb area. have u scheduled to be here? here we go UNISEM.

flow with the Tao said...

Being one of the 500 trial users, looking forward to the Masterclass in Penang or Ipoh soon. IT will be helpful to understand the M, M1 and other index to decide and jump in or avoid.

lai said...

Readers who are familiar with you knows you have a philanthropic heart. Without doubt, with this new system, more money will flow to those who deserved it. Perhaps, you can organized more charity event in the future?? I think those homeless animals deserved a place in your heart, no?

Anyway, all the best!