Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Glorious Decadence

I have this long standing craving for Auntie Annie's Cinnamon Sugar Stix, so much that you would find me munching on a pack every time I get near one of their outlets, ... One U, Mid Valley, Bangsar Village .... Its incredibly delicious, especially if you like cinnamon sugar and pillowy fried dough. Its not good for you and its loaded with carbs and sugar, oh but it tastes so damn good. 

Cinnamon Sugar Stix
I don't even know why Cinnabon even bother to stay open. You see the two stalls, and there would a queue at Auntie Annie's and almost none at Cinnabon, doesn't that tell you something. Anyway, I have managed to stop eating the Cinnamon Sugar Stix for more than 6 months now, can't let myself fall into that addiction again.


farulg said...

You should try some churros which IMO are superior. Molten Lava at 1U (across from cold storage) has some yummy ones.

Ciki said...

Dali, I think I hear them Cinnamon Sticks calling your name...... LOL