Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dilbert@E.U. Bailout Crisis


bruno said...

The fear index,vix has dropped to 14 for s&p and nasdag.Once when it reached this level the dow tumbled more than 7k pts.The previous drop of 1.2k pts was a percussor of worst things to come.

The complacentcy of investors chasing the markets as if there is no tomorrow.With the dow less than 80pts from major resistance of 13,330.The big talk of Dharghi to defend the Euro at all cost,and Big Ben's QE3 has already been priced into the market.And these central bankers are all shooting blanks.EFC,after on hold coming back to resume haunting the markets,once the US presidential elections is over.

Worst things yet to come after the US presidential elections,as the buy the rumour,sell the fact factors to kick in.Despite all the money printing presses working their asses off,the US economy is getting nowhere.

Signs are more like a repeat of Japanese style soap opera of the eighties.The signs of emerging deflation.This is when the big bear will emerged,and the greenback is king.That will be the time Big Ben will be deemed irrelevant.With his tails between his legs.

panaceaasia said...

This is all Greek to me