Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Quiet Time" For Today


nick said...

Shitty people talk about??? Well, obviously about shitty things like "cows need a condo cum shed in Bangsar", "my family deserved to be paid millions in anal ..err.. sorry..annual salary even if the corporation is making losses"," my party deserved to rule the country even if it's corrupt and leaching of billions of rakyat's money"," I deserved to be PM because I have lots of new acronym yet to be revealed to the people and not to mention I haven't had my fill yet!" and so on. So in other words shitty people don't talk but only excrete! (Could the water disruption in KL and SEL was due to the massive amount of water used to clean up PWTC after the PAU so much so it emptied all the reservoir, maybe?).


Gabriel Ng said...

Eleanor Roosevelt.