Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have You Heard Of Macy Chen?

This was from Pop Pop Music blog, what a wonderful discovery. Sometimes we "look down" on our music heritage" so much so that when respected musicians from overseas start to appreciate the local music on its own merits, then we go "wow, maybe there is something here".

We go through that phase, be in Chinese music, Malay music or various Tamil music ... we would be the last to acknowledge the beauty of Chinese opera, the keroncong or the wonderful instrument called sitar ... but we would gladly pay big bucks to watch fucking Italian opera that we do not understand.

Anyway, read on:

you should check this out!

local distributor, new wave, only brought in less than 10 copies and it was sold out, i have to buy from books.com.

we would write more about macy chen in due course... she is something totally different.... 

meanwhile, enjoy this video !it is a revelation.

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Bonescythe said...

Oh man, the look tak boleh pakai :(