Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love It When Family Argues

This is what we have .... calling the opposition:

Pondan (effeminate)
Bangsat (bastard)
Bapok (transvestite)

First of all, is there anything wrong in being a bapok or pondan? It reflects totally on the prejudices, warped mind, uneducated misfits of those who utter those words and wanted them somehow to be "cruel and mocking" to the other person.

Of course Nga was wrong to call someone metallic black, ...  ingenious, but unnecessary. Good that he has apologised publicly. 

These are the people from the ruling party, aren't we glad we have such refined fuckers. You fucking morons, if you want to scold, scold properly .. you fucking mangkuks yang berhayun....

p/s  the language is getting coarser, the racial card is played a lot more, scare tactics abound... election must be fucking near


johnny said...

Who's hand bag is it?

abel abel said...

I hate it when our so called politicians make these kinda racist and bigot remarks. It really represents malaysians as terrible human beings. UMNO never learn their lesson.

And I am especially pissed that Nga backpedal and create excuse od calling zambry metallic black. Fuck lah Pakatan... you are supposed to be better than this. Call ppl corrupted.. no need lah talk and alude about skin colour. Say sorry sincerely, no excuses and unconditionally


Dali, unrelated to this post.

I noticed that posted comments aren't dated. Is this by design or unintentional?

A problem for us as readers - We sometimes read comments out of context 'cos they were months or even years old.

Amacam? Boleh ubahsuai settings sedikit?

David Koay said...

Johny: Whose handbag? You could google FLOM and handbag and find some results :)

David Koay said...

A cow, a submarine and a handbag!!! LOL! Malaysians should understand this. Hahaha!

clearwater said...

A cow carried her pink Birkin handbag into a metallic grey submarine for a joyride. The bright pink handbag was found by a fisherman floating in the sea a week later. The submarine and its crew were never seen again.

ievolve36 said...

In politics name calling is nothing new and will always be uttered when an opportunity arises.However, a senior party leader should always be matured and refined to refrain from such remarks. Sometimes it is meant ot be a joke but when it back fires, then an apology is made and damage control is required. Many words used or remarks acceptable decades ago are now taboo and have become sensitive with all sorts of undertones. People are now more serious and aware of their rights. Who knows that one day words like 'mamak, tambi, chinapek,bumi' are considered sensitive.
Lat should be brought back to poke fun and make us laugh at one another to wake us up on our past and not for insults. The Department of National Unity if it is still existing should be revamped to promote greater understanding towards a more tolerant Malaysian society.

By clongviews

Kingsmen said...

after watching the video clips...definately glory has gotten in his wonder lucifer challenge his creator....cant imagine with absolute power what will become of NGA....a reminiscence of young UNCLE KIT (yeah we remember the processions call our malay brothers to balik kampong etc etc)...a true chauvanist to the core. Why cant these politicians just simply outline their plans to take over the govt instead of rhetorics after rhetorics. The fence sitters needs to jump over to the other side but they too needs to know why they should.