Monday, October 03, 2011

What A Gem

Easily, the most talented Chinese singers alive ... Eason held his Beijing concert over the weekend and had 50,000 attendees. Thats why making it in China makes a whole truckload of difference. Eason knew Faye Wong had never agreed to be a guest performer in any concerts before, but had try anyway since he was performing in Beijing. Faye agreed after thinking it over on the premise that Eason does not talk to her and she need not say anything. I have been to Faye's concert before and it was pretty mundane as she just sang and sang, no dancing even. She is quite a character.

Probably never to happen again, its a wonderful moment ... and you can see how ecstatic Eason was after the song.

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Andy said...

Love it! Back then i was searching on youtube for a live singing of the song but couldnt find any!