Friday, October 07, 2011

Financial Crisis Made Easy

The first two sentences were by Michael Lewis, my favourite author, in his new book Boomerang. Thought there was more room to describe the other countries, so I added the rest.

GREECE - The state destroyed it for the people
ICELAND - The banks destroyed it for the state
USA - The financial industry destroyed it for the state and the people
CHINA - Crisis, what crisis ... People, what people
GERMANY - The pesky neighbours are fucking up my neighbourhood
UK - Trying to be a financial center fucked us up royally, blimey
HK - Financial crisis? ... How's Singapore doing?
SINGAPORE - Financial crisis? .. My property prices got drop aah??... naabeh..
INDONESIA - Malaysia is making us look good, that's good enough
THAILAND - We had coup attempts, civil strife and unrest for the past 2 years, and our markets are still better than our neighbours down south ... maipenrai
MALAYSIA - We are untouched because none of our banks have any branches in Europe .. ha-ha, the beauty of being small


Ooi Beng Hooi said...

What about Malaysia?

Ooi Beng Hooi said...
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clearwater said...

Malaysia: The politicians continue to ruin it for themselves with the connivance of gullible voters

Bonescythe said...

Yea.. Malaysia - Underhanded political play

Fernando said...

How naive to think your banks are immune even as we speak Maybank is looking to increase lending this year from an increase of 12% ytd lol this in a property market that is over stocked by a long chalk..let me explain your are doing the same as spain..over supply and a real lack of demand..I find it always pays to have a clue b4 u make a statement!!!