Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dilbert@Malaysia .. as Head of Sales, Foreign Brokerage

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Mohammed said...

Perhaps it was obvious to everyone observant enough, that the Slime Darby - E&O deal was orchestrated by shysters to avoid an MGO, except may be to the doofuses at the SC.

Why would the SC go on to deny the obvious and say that the Chinese seller of the E&O shares in question was not acting in concert with the other two? Was it instructed to do so by anyone higher up? Will the sellers be willing to go through a lie detector test, to prove their innocence?

These questions demands answers. If no answers are forthcoming, at least the Bursa website should state that some investors are more equal than others. And who gets to decide the ranking of shareholders.

Things do smell like dog poo here in Corporate Malaysia. Readers beware of the parties to the deal and avoid them like the plague in future.