Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Must Get Book (Out Today)

Note: Official book launch today at 3pm, MPH Megamall Midvalley

Well, I got to know Tee Lin Say recently, and was graciously given the book written by her. It should be out in the stores sometime middle of the month. Just judging from the title and the concept, its a winner. I did say to her that I will only write about her book if its good.

She is better known as the savvy business journalist for Star Biz, so the topic of the book caught me by surprise. Well, she did undergo quite a bit of discipleship tutoring and mentoring on how to read faces. If The Star collapses the next day, I think she can make decent money setting up a face fortune telling business.

I did ask how she selected the faces. Notice that not all tycoons made the list. Since she can only feature a finite number, I guess the ones that made the list have the better "faces".

She cleverly uses the face fortune readings to predict tycoons who will flourish even more in the future, as a way of riding alongside their listed companies. A trend is always your friend, they say.

I did manage to finish the book, its pretty credible and fun as well to read. I asked her to quickly come out with a Mandarin version as that would triple her sales and reach immediately, and possibly come out with Singapore edition, as well as HK, China and Taiwan, and even Thailand and Indonesia.

Love to support ingenius efforts, and this is a wonderful book. See if your favourite tycoon made the top 20 list.

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