Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Meal For Under RM10

Can there be anything on earth for less than RM10 that tastes this good ....  Yes, back in Ipoh for the holidays, made my way to possibly the best beef noodle place on earth, Cheong Kee at 5.55pm, yeah damn early but got 4 tables eating already.,

The chilli sauce is to die for, their home made concoction its powderful as they say.

You can recognise them for the whole family operating the place are very thin.

Get a load of the tender tendons, strong but clear soup and melt in your mouth beef. Unlike a lot of people, I shy away from ordering hor fun, but will always go for meean (yellow noodle) with hor fun for the play in texture.

One of my favourite drink in Ipoh. I forgot what it is called in English but in Cantonese its sar-lei. Its highly refreshing, I have mine kosong with ice, i.e. no suenmui or sugar.

The highly sought after ngau yoke yuen, bouncy and flavoursome, awesome. Total for best beef noodle plus the beef balls = RM6.50. The drink, an expensive but worthy RM2.00. OMG ... RM8.50 for easily one of the better meals you will ever have in your life, why are we working so hard???? Yeah, its the fucking property prices and children's education ... get rid of both, and we all live happily ever after.


soho said...

where can I find this cheong kee in Ipoh? could you describe the location or is there an address that I can find?.. I'm back in Ipoh actually...would be wonderful to try this tender beef noddle (hard to find one in KL, all we get are those rock-hard beef!).

soho said...

ah! got the location from "http://www.wikistreetfood.com/Perak:Cheong_Kee_Beef_Soup_Noodle_(%E7%AB%A0%E8%AE%B0%E7%89%9B%E8%85%A9%E7%B2%89)"

"Restaurant/Stall location: Hawker stall opposite S.R.J.K (C) Sam Tet school, Ipoh"

gonna try this ASAP..

sam said...

the "sar lei" juice, people sometimes called it "umbra"...i don;t know why they call that either. Is the place opposite "choi hung seng"?

Hal said...

It's opposite the former Odean Theatre (next to Sam Tet School). The locals call the lane where all these hawker stalls are located "Tong Suey Kai" - that's Cantonese and translated loosely as Sweet Drinks Street.

There are 2 beef noodle stalls there - one operated by two sisters which is almost directly opposite the theatre and closest to the main road; the other stall is run by a man (if I'm not mistaken) and is located just a few stalls away on the same side of the street.

From the look of the chilli sauce in Dali's picture, it's almost certain Dali is referring to the stall that is operated by the two sisters. Dali can correct me on this!

clearwater said...

Hal is right, it is the 2 sisters at 'Tong Sui' lane by the look of the chili sauce. I had it a couple of months back and also tried the 'Buntong' beef noodles at Sri Maju in nearby Jalan Theatre, Ipoh. Both are good.

soho said...

'tong sui gai' was jam n packed yesterday evening... will try my luck again this evening..and thanks for the info guys!

ronnie said...

My preference is Seremban beef noodles; the stall in the wet market is the bast stall for this hainanese concoction

Choon Kiat said...

Ipoh is the best place to live...good food, low property price, no massive traffic jam, more time for kids upbringing and exercise....

SuZ said...


would like to try this. luv chinese food... but is it halal? i mean d source of the meat... thanks! :)

SuZ said...


would like to try this tasty beef ball noodles... but may i know is it halal? thanks! :)