Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Will You Accept The MANifesto and MAXim

A blog that features financial writings and pretty women ... supporting MANifesto and MAXim? But of course. I hope I do not have to defend my blog, my blog does not objectify women, I always feature women with their real names, and is never revealing (I hope), just like pretty women, that's all. Though I will try to promote not just the physical aspects ... sigh ... the bulk of my readers will shudder at that thought.

Anyways, its 100 years of International Women's Day, and we have globally achieve so much and yet so little. Empowerment of women is the key. Too many have been subjected to unecessary discrimination from day one; the lack of a proper education; the unfair platforms in business, healthcare, politics and almost every facet of life; some of the twisted laws for immigration, marriage, rape, women who work; the list is endless ... Read it well and debate within your mind and soul why things are not the way it should be, and what roles are we playing to perpetuate the imbalance, and hoiw can we be a better person.

MANifesto: A set of committments men make towards building a better future for women

I shall not take for granted the things women do and what they contribute to our society

Recognising the expectations that we sometimes put on women are disproportionately high compared to those placed upon men, creating the pressure to be perfect. Appreciating the role of women and the strength they bring to our lives.

I shall inspire women to put their health and well-being first, without guilt or triviality

Key decisions within health services are commonly made by men, who occupy most of the senior positions. Recognizing the diversity of women’s health needs, ie. mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

I shall be aware of the stereotypes I impose onto women and not confine them to my own beliefs

Stereotypes frequently influence behaviours, with many consequences, not the least those that arise from the disparate treatment of men and women in the workplace.

I shall embrace women as equal partners and encourage them to contribute their views and/or decisions, and value them as much as my own

Believing that women are still subject to many prejudices. Acknowledging that women sometimes face a glass-ceiling at the workplace that is invisible to us. Being mindful of how our reaction to their decision-making affect them.

I shall appreciate beauty beyond the physical — in women’s intellect, spirit, and diversity

Enjoying women when they are confident and comfortable with who they really are. That’s what makes her, her.

I shall liberate women from fear by not staying silent in the face of violations

Encouraging each other to see ourselves as responsible, caring, and non-violent partners.

I shall … ask a woman in my life to provide a manifesto point.

MAXim: A set of committments women make towards achieving their maximum potential

I am fulfilled by my own being and am not afraid to pursue what I want

We sometimes give away our power from a lack of trust and confidence in our own abilities and self. Healthy appreciation, recognition and self-value allow us to be present in our lives.

My well-being is integral to the well-being of others

We are often the custodians of health in our families and communities. Yet this comes at the expense of our own well-being. As women we should understand that it’s okay to put ourselves first because it’s the best thing we can do for our loved ones.

I decide who I want to be and I do not doubt myself

Stereotypes of what women should or should not be abound in every culture but only we know who we really are. Only you have the right to choose who you want to be.

I hold my head up high; I am the change I want

We deserve the same rights, opportunities and decision-making access that men have. This cannot be compromised. Our work, talent and capacity for management should be valued over what we are perceived to be able to do.

I am gorgeous the way I am

Beauty has never been, nor ever will be, confined to the physical. We must acknowledge that beauty is more than just skin-deep.

I am free from unreal loyalties. I will not compromise my self-worth

A woman should have no fears in choosing her own identity, and the path she takes in life. We must also recognise that we can violate and hurt ourselves too if we allow others to do so. We must release ourselves from unreal loyalties, eg. obligation to unhealthy relationships, gender stereotypes, etc.

I break barriers, regardless of fear and constraints

Positive economic and social policies can enable us to realise our full potential, enhance our quality of life and allow ourselves to be architects of our future by presenting opportunities for spiritual, educational, and economic transformation.

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tanhc said...

Since you brought up the subject, Dali, I'll have my say.
With due respect to your blog objectives, you still can't run away from the fact that you are actually parading your so-called pretty women on your pages like art pieces, with or without a title (name).
Somehow, it gives one the impression that while everyone is here at a conference, discussing sometimes pretty serious stuff, a side show is being rolled out with woman after woman coming on stage in attires sometimes quite daring and in poses sometimes quite provocative... is it for the simple reason that you just like pretty women?
Such a juxtaposition seems to jar the notion of a world fighting for equality of the sexes in all aspects.
I am not trying to start a gender war. Just stating my opinion.

Salvatore_Dali said...

yes, u r correct ... im a shallow dude who like to look at pretty women ... i also appreciate the other more important aspects of being a human being, their spirit, soul and inner beauty ... nothing to defend