Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gimme A Ninja Joe Anytime

OK, this is not such a big secret but has a very cult following. Its Ninja Joe Pork Burgers. They tasted better than stuff you even get in Macau or HK, seriously. But let's get the good stuff out first then the bad stuff.
.... Look at the picture above, how to go wrong: bacon, cheese and crisply fried pork chop!!!

I think they are in Tropicana Mall, Mid Valley, Sunway ... why the burgers are so good: its fried to a nice crisp on the outside and still very juicy on the inside. Actually, just plain is best or black pepper, although they have a multitude of sauces.

Its a Malaysian owned operation. Ninja Joe could easily be the next J & Co. or Yoshinoya BUT:
- the store decor is deplorable
- the bun could be a lot better
- decent slices of tomatoes / cucumber please
- the menu is too complicated
- why the mini burgers???
- too many silly sauces, know what is good and stock to it, don't try and give too many choices so as to hit many customers, it results in confusion
- your drinks menu tries to be exciting but fails, do you even know what you are trying to project??? you call yourself Ninja Joe, do the drinks reflect that??? its all over the place

Ninja Joe

If you know what you do best, stick to it. I think you can franchise it even if you just have ONE product. If you are the owner and you want someone who knows their way to establish proper food franchisors and product branding and management or you want to sell the whole thing, please drop me an email.

Despite all the misgivings, the pork burger is still too damn good to ignore. Have one then tell me.


jeremy tan said...

this is quite similar to MOS burger in Taiwan : ) Simple but good

Roy said...

Remind me of Dan's Burger in Austin, Texas. Yummy.

soho said...

couldn't wait to give it a try! i've always been deprived of porky burger!

clearwater said...

Will try a Ninja Joe next time I'm at Mid Valley Mall. Ever had the bacon & cheese burger at Sanbanto, SS2? It rocks.

Rye said...

i think ninja joe is overrated but advantage was that they were the pioneer to specialise and commercialise the concept of pork burgers in shopping complexes.

try andes which is near aman suria. i think they currently have the juiciest and tastiest pork burger yet.

michellekuan said...

yes, the pork burger is freaking awesome :)

lai said...

Ninja Joe was not bad. I like their Teriyaki ones.

Andes was OK but i find their pork burger had slightly more than acceptable pork smell

One Shot said...

Dali, My son has been telling me about NJ pork burgers. I tried them a couple of weeks ago - they were excellent - for the price that is. A couple of places for good sized servings of pork burgers - Bulldog Pub, Sri Hartamas and Craft Brews, Menara KLK, Mutiara Damansara (next to Tesco). Pricy but you get good bang for your buck!