Friday, January 28, 2011

Comments For Moderation

I have to apologise as I only realised there were plenty of comments waiting for me in the moderation mode. I thought (wrongly) that those comments were spams in general. I thought with 6,000 over daily readers, surely cannot have so few comments, right, or my readers are the silent type, lol.

So sorry, I will visit the comments moderation page daily from now on. It was silly because I still get comments coming through to my malaysiafinance gmail inbox, so I thought that was it. The reality is, a small percentage crept through and the rest are left in the moderation box... I was shocked and embaressed that there were 640 awaiting my moderation, of course most were indeed spams.

Those who requests a blog link exchange - I would have linked you guys up without you asking. If you have to ask, most of the time the answer is "thanks but no thanks". I cannot have 200 or 500 blog links on my page, can I? But I will still visit your blog first to see if it fits both parties. I will generally not reply to links requests. Thanks anyway. Btw, I often check my links and if you do not have at least a weekly posting, I will delete the link, heads up.

I will publish the genuine ones even the ones requesting me to look into certain stocks, but I really have no time to answer all. I will answer the ones I feel like answering, and if it does not involve much work. If I don't reply directly to your queries even after publishing yours, please do not take offence. Its a blog not a an enterprise, one person doing the things he love. If I try to answer all genuine queries, I will not be a happy person, and the blog will take over my life and career.

Cheers .........


kl said... that's the reason for some comments not being posted. I thought if you no longer welcome comments, your posts would soon become a series of monologues. A different angle or viewpoint is always thought provoking. Thanks for explaining.

Sinful Guy said...

finally.. hhahaha!

thegame said...

When we speak from the heart and when that get expressed in words.There is so much beauti in it.I see that in your writing.The things we do for love,just amazes me sometimes.keep the good work and deeply appreciate all your contributions.thank you Dali who ever you are and god bless.

Joan Doe said...

no wonder, i thought dali is a lanci bugger, never approve my comments.

cina_fong said...

Joan DOe

I love your comment.