Thursday, January 13, 2011

Commentary On Hot Stocks

Well, its been oil and gas and more oil and gas, does it really matter which counter?

SP Setia - 500% run for the warrants, I am happy, upside limited from here on.

Affin - denied by CIMB and Affin, bottomline Affin will have to merge with someone within 6 months, bottomline, its still cheap ... single girl at a party with drunks, action not over yet.

Hap Seng Consolidated - the selling over last 2 days was apparently by a fund (local), over done, scary though ... if go through exercise should come out ahead even if you bought at RM7.40.

Air Asia - RM3.30 is about right in this run up.

Gamuda - haven't moved really.

DRB Hicom - when people say its a syndicate play, I say b.s., which syndicate has that kind of money to bring it up from 1.40 to 2.20??? shares being mopped up by you know who, an exercise is imminent, but we don't know when.

TA and OSK - Good volume, these two should be hitting 1.10 and 2.40 soon in this run.


Anon118 said...

surprised no one commented... :P

Just looks like these stocks have already "travelled miles up" =p

Kingsmen said...

i know its none of my bizness peeking at your 'for public view' blog but a little insider inside on weida.....water treatment in sudan, libya, dubai....?!!! ..then they are in o&g ..too low key to get noticed....then they have some thousands of acres of palmoil estates in sarawak....GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE...WATCH OUT FOR THIS TREE....